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Puppy Love: More Than A Companion

2 years, 3 months ago

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Posted on Apr 12, 2022, 4 p.m.

7 in 10 Americans report that they really do consider their dog to be more than a pet, and they may be taking better care of their dogs than they are themselves, according to recent research

When it comes to their furry companion friends, over two-thirds of Americans claim that they will spare no expense, and 4 in 5 say that they pamper their dogs as much as they can. The reason that most treat their dogs better than they do themselves might be because three-quarters consider their dog to be a member of the family. Moreover, three quarters report that they are more than willing to go over and above for their doggies because they have a very special and irreplaceable bond with them. To add to that sentiment 79% say that they want to give their puppers everything they need to be healthy and feel loved. 

Doggies are getting the royal treatment too as over half of dog owners take their dogs to a salon at least five times a year with 86% saying that it is important for their furry friends to look clean and well kept, but 42% report visiting their own salon to get touched up less often, according to research conducted by OnePoll in partnership with PuppySpot. 

When it comes to pampering the cute four-legged best friends, owners are willing to do as much as they can with treats, cuddles, long walks, medical care, and new toys. 73% think that pampering their companions is one of the best ways to show them love, and 72% report that they pamper their poochie more than they thought that would. For instance, 32% of dog owners report having a pet stroller to push their dog around in, and another 21% plan on getting one to push their posh pet around in. A pet stroller is a great idea for animals with limited/no mobility, but, not surprisingly, the overwhelming majority of dog owners report that it is not needed for mobility issues. 

Some people have a hard time staying away from their dogs with 51% reporting that they take doggo with them to run errands, 40% bring them along to hang out at gatherings with family and friends, 2 in 5 look for restaurants that allow pets, and 35% admit to prioritizing finding pet-friendly vacation destinations so that their furry family member is not left out of travel plans. 

57% celebrate their dog's birthday as another way of showing love. Of those who celebrate puppy birthdays 56% do it with new toys, 52% have a party, and 48% do it with a play date at a dog park with other furballs. But birthdays are not the only times these things are done as 75% show their love by always looking into the perfect items for their dogs, spending close to 300 hours a year searching for all the best care, treats, and toys. 

“As a community of dog lovers, we know firsthand about the various ways dog parents show love and affection to their fur baby, and how these moments build trust and create a life-long bond,” says Claire Komorowski, PuppySpot’s CEO, in a statement. “Whether it’s through long walks, special treats, new toys or, simply some cuddles, every dog needs to be cared for in a way that shows them just how special and adored they are.”

72% say that bringing their fur baby home was one of the happiest days of their lives, having fond memories of their adult dog as a puppy falling to sleep on the way home or the first time their puppy jumped into their lap with happy waggy tail puppy smooches. 

Making good choices for a dog is important too, 83% who have children say that taking care of their dog is equally as important as taking care of their child. 69% consider that their dog is not only a part of the family but it is also their best friend, and 73% believe that having a dog has made them a more caring, sentimental, and emotional person. 

Why do people love their dogs so much? Well, that may be an unending debate. It might be because they are bundles of fun, they provide emotional support 24/7, and they look at you with pure unconditional love. Dogs are lifelong companions who are always happy to see you, even if you are only gone for 5 minutes they greet you with that happy waggy tail. It’s hard not to be happy yourself when your floofy is by your side. Some even consider their dog as a soulmate. Perhaps that is it, that undeniable close bond, the feeling of being connected and loved, the boost to mental health.

“The connection we have with our pets goes much further than just owner and companion. Our pets comfort us when we’re sad, stick by us through ups and downs and provide unconditional love like no other relationship can. Our pets are family, and while they may not be able to verbalize their affection for us, any pet parent can attest to the strength and depth of their devotion,” says Lizbeth Bastidas, certified vet technician in a statement.

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