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Alcohol Boosts Testosterone Levels
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Urine Test Could Identify Men at Risk of Age-Related Memory Loss
Vitamin A Vital for Optimal Mental Performance
Vitamin A Vital for Optimal Mental Performance
Married Men More Likely to Attend Check-Ups and Screenings
Extra Testosterone Could Help Some Parkinsons Sufferers
Scientists Pinpoint Genes behind Life-Extending Calorie Restrict
Scientists Identify the Methuselah Gene
Scientists on the Verge of Discovering the Fountain of Youth
Green Trees and a Sunny Home Prolongs Life
Scientist Finds High Levels of Disease-Causing Prions in Muscle
Aromatherapy Could Help Dementia Patients
Vitamins Offer No Protection Against Dementia
Researchers Identify Gene that Regulates Lifespan
Mitochondria May Contain Genetic Secrets of Agin
Researchers Make Semiconductor from Brain Cells
Light Drinking Linked to Lower Dementia Risk
Robotic Surgical Assistant Ready within 5 Years
Generosity May Well be the Key to Longevity
More People Die from Stroke than Statistics Show
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Position Statement on Human Aging
Cloned Stem Cells the Best Form of Stem Cells
Scientists Make Major Advances in Cloning Technology
Scientists Clone Pigs Designed to Give Transplant Organs
Researchers Uncover Genetics Behind Cloning Failures
Cloned Mice Have Significantly Shorter Lifespan
26-Year Old Rats Strengthen Evolutionary Theory of Aging
Super-Mice May Help in the Development of Memory Drugs
Super-Mice May Help in the Development of Memory Drugs