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Robot Surgery Good for Kids' Hearts
Abortion Doesn't Cause Breast Cancer
Head Exam Shows Neanderthals Not Our Ancestors
Watching SARS Become a Killer
Depressed Teens Have Different Brains
"No Evidence" of Risks for Male Hormone Replacement
Bacteria Predator Promises "Living Antibiotics"
New Cancer Gene Increases Risk by More than a Quarter
Sage May Help Alzheimers Sufferers
Scientists Turn Yeast into Protein Making Machine
Viral Infection Linked to Mental Decline in Seniors
Number of Alzheimers Patients in US Expected to Exceed 13 Milli
Anti-Inflammatory Drugs Dramatically Reduce Parkinsons Risk
Human Heart Cells Working in Rats
Parkinsons Patient Given Gene Therapy
Genetically Engineered Bone Marrow Cells Repair Heart Attack Dam
Depression Doubles Death Risk of Bypass Patients
Human Heart Cells Working in Rats
Majority of Heart Attacks Caused by Bad Habits
WHO Wants to Phase Out Use of Antibiotic Growth Hormones
Omega-3 May Protect Against Neurological Disorders
Vitamin C Supplements Reduce Second-Hand Smoke Lung Damage
Study Sheds Light on How Education May Prevent Alzheimers
Combined HRT Doubles Breast Cancer Risk
Eye Gel Treatment Prevent Age-Related Vision Deterioration
Antibiotics Reduce Stroke Risk by One-Fifth
Exposure to Sun May Lower Multiple Sclerosis Risk
EPA Set to Lift Ban on Testing Toxic Chemicals on Humans
Computerized Atlas of the Brain Completed
Study to Determine Best Method of Kidney Storage Gets Underway
Large Bowel Grown In Rats
Stress Dramatically Increases Risk of Heart Attack and Stroke
Green Tea Blocks Important Cancer Molecule
UK Researchers Issue Cloning Warning
Nursing Home Care Costs Average of $57,000 Per Person Each Year
Worlds Oldest Person Discovered in War-Torn Chechnya
Italian Researchers Announce Birth of Worlds First Cloned Horse
Gene Therapy Extends Lifespan of Mouse-Model of Lou Gehrig's Disease
One Gene Decides Whether You Are Fat or Thin
Antidepressants May Improve Stroke Survival
Selenium May Increase Skin Cancer Risk
Black Tea May Lower Bad Cholesterol Levels
Aspirin Reduces Heart Attack Risk by One Third
Experimental Drug Stops Progression of Mad Cow Disease
Intelligent Software Spots Heart Disease and Cancer Invisible...
Cognitive Stimulation Group Therapy Helps Dementia Patients
Cloned Cells Cure Parkinson
SARS May Have Come From Wild Animal Trade
Genetically Modified Cows and Goats May Provide Biowarfare.
Japan to Have More than 20,000 Centenarians by October 2003