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Sugar May Shorten Lifespan

7 years, 8 months ago

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Posted on Sep 11, 2013, 6 a.m.

Moderate levels of added sugar reduce survival and compromises fitness and reproduction, in a lab animal model.

Previously, a number of studies have suggested that the consumption of added sugar may correlate with a number of diseases.  Wayne Potts, from the University of Utah (Utah, USA), and colleagues administered a diet containing 25% added sugar to laboratory mice, observing that the female animals died at twice the rate of animals fed a standard diet; and males were 25% less likely to maintain territory and reproduce.  Noting that this added 25% corresponded to an equivalent of humans consuming three cans of soda, the study authors submit that: “These findings represent the lowest level of sugar consumption shown to adversely affect mammalian health.”

Ruff JS, Suchy AK, Hugentobler SA, Sosa MM, Schwartz BL, Morrison LC, et al.  “Human-relevant levels of added sugar consumption increase female mortality and lower male fitness in mice.” Nat Commun. 2013 Aug 14;4:2245.

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