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Smoothies Might Help Fill Nutritional Voids In Busy Lives

9 months, 3 weeks ago

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Posted on Aug 07, 2023, 2 p.m.

Americans are not eating as much fruits and vegetables as they should be according to a random double opt-in survey of 2,000 general population Americans conducted by OnePoll on behalf of plant-based milk brand West Life Soymilk, results show that while 69% of the respondents love apples, 64% like oranges and 63% enjoy bananas, 43% admitted to not consuming fruit on a daily basis. 

When it comes to vegetables carrots were ranked among the top, but Americans are not eating them on a regular basis either, with 52% of the respondents admitting that they pass over veggies too. Nearly a tenth of the respondents think that their protein intake is too low as well, and 14% are not even sure how much protein they should be eating. 

24% of the respondents say that they have an easier time fitting more fruit into their daily diet, 16% say that they can incorporate more veggies fairly easily, and 15% report that they wouldn’t find it too difficult to eat more protein. 25% of the respondents get their protein through white meat like chicken, 19% get their protein through red meat like beef, and 33% get protein through fish or seafood. 19% of the respondents are open to exploring alternative protein sources like plant-based milk, and 15% would consider protein powder. 

“Consumers are actively seeking options for meaningful fuel that fits into their busy lives with options such as smoothies as a natural choice,” says Lauren McNamara, vice president and assistant general manager at SunOpta, makers of West Life Soymilk, in a statement. “However, not all smoothies are created equally. To ensure a balanced meal or snack it is important to seek out high protein and versatile ingredients that pack a punch in your smoothie of choice. Look out for options that provide variety of flavor, shelf-stable convenience, and complete protein when creating your favorite smoothie blends at home.”

30% of the respondents prioritize breakfast options that they can take on the go, 31% prioritize breakfast options that are convenient, and 26% prioritize breakfast options that contain protein to start off their day. Looking for a delicious, easy, and convenient way to get morning nutrients incorporated into their day it appears as if smoothies are becoming a popular choice, with 51% of the respondents saying that they have at least one a week. 

79% of the respondents agreed that they could easily replace some of their meals with smoothies, especially if it would keep them full. 43% of the respondents report that they feel full after having a fruit smoothie, and another 51% said that they crave another smoothie the day after they had one. 53% have tried to replicate smoothies that they have seen in the media, and 75% said that seeing a particular smoothie with informative media made them feel like trying it out. 

According to the respondents, if you are still hungry after having a smoothie you didn’t do it right and should keep experimenting and researching for a better mixture/concoction. When it comes to the perfect smoothie, everyone has their own preferences for mixtures, but there were some common ingredients, 32% of the respondents like to add natural/organic honey, 32% add yogurt, 26% include bananas, 25% add chocolate, 24% prefer to use plant-based milk, 23% load it with strawberries, and 21% always use plant-based protein powder in their smoothies. 78% of the respondents would consider using plant-based milk options if it boosted protein intake. 

“With the emergence of social media trends and celeb favorite recipes we are seeing a comeback of products that help create a balanced, high protein meal, ranging from soymilk to cottage cheese,” McNamara continues. “We are excited to see consumers experiment with these newfound ingredients to fuel their day and create their own favorite recipes, perfect for a snack or meal replacement.”

When done right it is tough to beat the health benefits of a good nutrient-packed smoothie. In the past, smoothies have had a bad rap for being lacking in fiber and being high in sugar content, but smoothies that are made using organic foods can help to change your breakfast routine for the better, especially for those in a rush who may have otherwise skipped it. Homemade smoothies can be a great addition to a healthy balanced diet as they can be rich in essential nutrients and antioxidants that confer health benefits for the body and mind. Smoothies are flexible to a range of different ingredients that carry health benefits, making it well worth grabbing your favorite fruits, veggies, nuts, and seeds to start experimenting with blending together to make your own homemade goodness. 

As with anything you read on the internet, this article should not be construed as medical advice; please talk to your doctor or primary care provider before changing your wellness routine. This article is not intended to provide a medical diagnosis, recommendation, treatment, or endorsement.

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