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Nicotine Use Lowers Immunity

10 months, 3 weeks ago

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Posted on Apr 10, 2020, 3 p.m.

Whether you smoke or vape right now may be the best time to quit while there is a virus circulating that likes to attack the respiratory system, and would love to invade via a compromised immune system to set up shop in the body. 

In America alone there are some 35 million smokers and 15 million vape enthusiasts who inhale one of the world’s most addictive drugs several times a day. It is estimated that at least half have tried to quit but have succumbed to the strong desire and cravings for nicotine that drags them back like a strong undertow. The physical nicotine addiction can be broken in about a week, but it is the habit with all the rituals and triggers that is part of the tough chain to break. 

COVID-19 appears to be hitting the population with compromised immune systems the hardest, there are studies emerging showing this. Compromised immune systems includes those fighting cancer, those with obesity, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, heart disease, respiratory issues, asthma, and yes those who smoke/vape among others. 

Nicotine should be seen as a destructive force, it slowly dismantles the entire immune system while promoting average sickness to turn deadly, it has no discrimination for gender, age, race or religion. From affecting the brains of teens to high blood pressure and contributing to some cancers, smoking cigarettes is addicting and it kills 6 million people around the globe annually which is expected to rise to 8 million by 2030. 

Nicotine can turn the immune system against the body’s own cells, puts a person at a higher risk for respiratory infections, prolongs illnesses, can cause autoimmune responses that can attack lung tissues, leads to more frequent infections, and leaves fewer available antioxidants for the body to utilize all of which serve to set the body up for possibility of failing to fend off invasion from invading pathogens. 

Whether they admit it or not smokers and vapers may need help to break the habit, and there are choices out there that might help. Going a more natural route there is a tropical bean called mucuna which is typically ground up and put into supplements that may help to boost dopamine levels. Mucuna is sometimes combined with vitamin B12 and can be found in liquid in health food stores. 

Mucuna has some peer reviewed research behind it and the ability to safely raise dopamine levels that smokers typically suffer from due to the nicotine dependency. Low dopamine levels are suggested to be one of the main reasons for those trying to quit to relapse as it is released when smoking due to nicotine, according to a clinical study from Baylor Medical College. 

With this outbreak it is important to break the nicotine habit to keep your immune system and respiratory system strong. You can consult your physician or certified medical professional who can also offer you advice on how to break the habit. The import part is that you can break the habit, and experience all the benefits such as a reduced risk of cancers as well as heart and lung disease, improved heart rate, improved blood pressure, improved circulation, heightened sense of smell, move vivid tastes, improved lung functions, and decreased risk for infections among others. 

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