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How To Use Tech To Stay Healthy

11 months, 3 weeks ago

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Posted on Mar 18, 2020, 4 p.m.

While the majority of the world is facing social isolation and in-home quarantines, it’s important to stay active to remain healthy overall. Luckily, with the advent of accessible technology, there are several ways to stay active and wellness-focused while being stuck at home.

Making a few adjustments to existing workout routines, routine doctor visits, and sleep patterns with the help of technology can make it much easier to stay healthy at home. Here are four ways to use technology to maintain your overall well being.

Utilize telemedicine

With many hospitals and doctors’ offices asking patients to stay home except for emergencies, it can seem difficult to ask for medical help. However, many prescriptions are available with an online doctor consultation and diagnosis through telemedicine companies. After a thorough questionnaire or video conferencing with a medical professional, you could receive treatment for anything ranging from erectile dysfunction to acne.

Utilizing these companies’ services will help you avoid unnecessary doctor visits and support self-isolation while still allowing you to receive the medical care you need.

Take advantage of remote workouts

While stuck inside, it’s likely that you won’t be moving around as much. To avoid losing muscle strength or gaining weight, it’s important to plan a workout routine that will keep you moving at home. YouTube and even some gyms have a wide range of free workout videos led by trainers to help fitness enthusiasts stay motivated and avoid getting stuck in an exercise rut. 

Whether you’re looking for a full-body calisthenic workout or a calming yoga routine, there’s something for every exercise need. Just be sure to change it up day by day to keep yourself interested in the routine.

Use a stress management plan

Many people forget about their mental health when considering their wellness, but it’s a critical aspect that can be threatened by limited social interaction or activity. Your approach to stress management should depend on the main causes of anxiety in your life. 

If it’s work-related, a few minutes with a meditation app during lunch could help clear your mind. Or, if it’s an overwhelming sense of personal tasks, creating a mobile to-do list can help you visualize your anxieties and relax. Lastly, if stress is interrupting your sleep, try a nighttime soothing sounds playlist to allow your heart rate to calm enough for a good night’s sleep which should help lower future stress.

Try online meal help

Nutrition is a key factor in your overall health, and there are several ways that technology can support your diet. Some apps will help you find healthy recipes from ingredients you already have in the pantry so you don’t need to run out to the store. Alternatively, there are online health-focused meal kit delivery services that make it easy to create nutritious meals while still being able to control the final product. 

These should help you make the most out of your meals, while giving your body and mind the nutrition it needs to stay focused and productive during the day. 

Avoid dangerous tech habits

While technology can be an essential aspect of staying healthy, it’s important that it is approached correctly. When used carelessly, technological devices like cell phones and laptops can actually cause or worsen health issues. For example, regular social media checks have been connected to increased stress levels. Additionally, keeping cell phones close to your body has been connected to increased exposure to radiation. 

Be sure that you’re mindful of your usage and respond to your mental and physical needs when it comes to interaction with technology. Although tech has several benefits, it’s crucial to take some time away from it to listen to your body without any distractions by unplugging.


Every adult should be prioritizing their health, even if they have to rely on technology to maintain it while inside their home. Using apps and videos will help you maintain a semblance of routine to your workouts, daily living, and nutrition and will allow you to remain healthy while staying at home.

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