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DIY Tips To Hack Your Healthspan

4 years, 4 months ago

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Posted on Oct 13, 2019, 3 p.m.

We recently attended RAADfest in Las Vegas, Nevada, among the various knowledgeable speakers Dr. Kat Cotter delivered an informative presentation geared to those who want to take charge of their healthspan to slow down the rate at which they are aging. The following is a summary of her presentation on how to hack your healthspan with secrets to super longevity.

There is a growing subset of people who are looking to live healthier for as long as they can, these people biohack their healthspan using science to upgrade their body using cutting edge technology and the latest scientific breakthroughs geared towards anti-aging. You can hack your healthspan now to begin growing younger rather than just waiting and hoping for the coming life extension technologies. 

Those interested in anti-aging work to slow down aging by tweaking their diet, taking supplements, and by frequently participating in exercise programs. They also monitor their body and health using devices such as rings, scales, periodic blood tests, as well as checkups along with other tests to provide them a more accurate picture of their overall health and biological age. 

Those focussed on longevity and anti-aging try to stay current and connected with other like minded individuals who are not content to just let aging happen. They are part of a group of open minded people who understand there are things one can do to help extend healthspan and longevity, and prefer to put their money where health is rather than things such as a car. 

These individuals try their best to reduce their toxic load by eating more organic produce, using infrared saunas, drinking more filtered/purified water, make sure they get enough sleep, and lessen the amount of chemicals, toxins and additives they are exposed to in food, and in personal care as well as household products. 

Anti-aging oriented people also don’t follow any fads, super or specific diets, as they are aware that one diet does not fit all since each person has their own unique microbiome and biochemical makeup. They may start with the basics of say a Mediterranaian, keto, or paleo diet but will tweak it to better suit their needs while paying attention to how it makes them feel and keep making adjustments to determine what is best for them. 

A few DIY longevity diet tips from Dr. Kat Cotter, who is an A4M certified anti-aging practitioner.

  • Eat not just for you, but for all the inhabitants of your microbiome
  • Eat more probiotics including supplements and fermented foods
  • Eat more prebiotics such as sweet potato, taro, and yucca
  • Eat more greens, living foods, and less cooked foods
  • Try green drinks, as juicing and blending both have benefits 
  • Purchase organic products whenever possible, especially from the dirty dozen
  • Eat less sweet fruits and stick mostly to berries
  • Including lots of olive oil, flaxseed, fish oil, krill oil, and coconut oil in your diet
  • Stay away from added sugar, artificial sweeteners, lectins, and vegetable oils such as corn and canola oil
  • Eat meals within a 6 hour window of waking, with 18 hours of intermittent fasting after the last meal

Longevity minded people understand the concept of move it or lose it and frequently participate in activities such as exercise, strength training as well as leisure activities they enjoy to stay active and avoid living a harmful sedentary lifestyle by varying their activities to maintain a healthy body. 

These people not only take care of their body but they also take care of their minds, as such they are typically always positive and happy. They try to keep stress to a minimal and understand that sleep, diet and exercise benefits the mind and body, and also use brain training exercises for memory speed and problem solving, they also do crosswords and challenge themselves to learn new things such as a new language. 

They simply refuse to just get old, they don’t say things like “in my day,” “when I was young,” “my generation,” or anything that dates them. They try not to use labels such as Boomers or Gen X and prefer to be seen as Gen Now who just live in the present, always looking to improve for the future. They also try not to label people with a number because they understand that chronological age means nothing compared to your true biological age according to your epigenetic clock. Rather than dwell on negatives they would rather enjoy life and their relationships, while playing, singing, learning, dancing, and sharing information to celebrate being alive and well. 

When you are hacking your healthspan you should also hack your goals and reasons for wanting to be alive and extend your time on this planet. You should consider having ultimate goals that may challenge you which might take you many years to accomplish, these may include smaller goals that build up to achieving the ultimate goal. This might include things you want to experience, accomplish, how you want to grow, and what you may want to contribute to your family and the world around you. 

Anti-aging enthusiasts will basically turn their homes into a sort of health resort because they understand that you don’t need to spend tons of money going to a health resort or wellness retreat, as you can live that lifestyle on a daily basis right from home. Anyone can accomplish this by cleaning out the pantry and refrigerator of all those unhealthy and processed foods. Purchase more organic foods and products. Install water and air filtration units. Avoid smoking. Take the stairs more. Try to use good posture. Set up the bedroom to be dark when you sleep and avoid electronics before going to sleep, especially while in the bedroom. Spend some time learning and training your brain. Reduce inflammation. Avoid being sedentary and live an active lifestyle. Reduce EMF exposure. Look into supplements. Perhaps most importantly meet like minded people and keep up to date so you can continue to hack your healthspan and longevity. 

Article courtesy of Tamsyn Webber

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