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Cheat Days: Snacking On Road Trips

9 months, 2 weeks ago

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Posted on Jul 07, 2023, 3 p.m.

Road trips are seen as a cheat day, according to a random double opt-in survey of 2,005 general population Americans conducted by OnePoll on behalf of HI-Chew, 71% agree that road trips are given a hall pass for snacking.

If given a choice for method of travel 38% of the respondents would travel by car if possible, followed by 35% prefer travel by plane, and 18% would opt to travel by train. 39% report often traveling with friends, 33% have to drag their kids along, and 30% of the respondents report that they bring their pets with them.  

Road trips can be exciting, but sometimes a long boring stretch of road can try anyone’s patience, regardless of how much fun the destination will be. Even still over two-thirds of the respondents in this poll believe that snacks can either make or break a long road trip. In fact, 38% of them think that snacks are one of the most important aspects of any road trip, 34% say that the company on the road trip is important, and 30% think that the stops made along the way can really help improve any road trip. 

Eating when it comes to road trips can be less than healthy as 71% of the respondents agreed that they believe that being on a road trip gives them a hall pass to eat as many snacks as they feel like. 47% of the respondents like to chomp on chips while they are on a road trip, 47% want chocolate, 44% reach for cookies, 43% prefer nuts/seeds, 42% fill their mouths with candy, 40% like to snack on fruit, and 38% don’t road trip without granola bars.

Eating is important even when traveling, 44% of the respondents say that it is in poor taste to ban eating in the car while on a road trip, and 61% admit that they would not go on a road trip with a person who does not allow eating in the car. 52% think that everyone should bring their own snacks as well as some to share, but 65% say that there are some treats that they would never share with the rest of the car. Those special snacks that travelers want to keep to themselves appear to vary, 49% would secretly indulge in something chocolatey, 46% would hoard fruity snacks, and 42% would sneak eat something chewy. 

“No matter which destination you are headed to next, snacks are a very important element of a road trip,” says CEO of Morinaga America, Inc., Teruhiro Kawabe, in a statement. “Whether you are keeping snacks for yourself or sharing them with your road trip company, select a new snack to try along the way. You might find your new favorite treat!”

The most popular road trip destinations of choice, if given the opportunity include, 40% of the respondents wanting to drive across the country, 38% would like to travel up and down the East Coast, 37% wanting to drive up and down the West Coast, 36% want to drive around the Great Lakes, 34% want to explore the Deep South. Those traditional leisurely scenic routes are still desirable as well with 34% desiring to travel through the Appalachian Mountains and 33% reporting always wanting to follow the historic Route 66 to get some kicks, 33% would venture through the Midwest, and 28% would fully follow the I-95 corridor. 

It appears as if there are some golden rules to successful road-tripping as well. The respondents reported that they would ideally like to stop every 3 hours for restroom breaks and take that opportunity to refill their snack stash regardless of the route or destination. 43% say that they make sure that everyone uses the bathroom before departure, and that they double-check that they have everything they will need, including starting snacks. Another important rule that was reported by 38% is that everyone needs to be using/wearing deodorant, but no one should be wearing/using strong perfumes or colognes. 38% think that whoever sits in the passenger seat should be good with assisting with directions and navigation. Another golden rule that 31% of the respondents agreed on was that the driver always gets to choose the music.

“Road trips may look different for everyone – from the route, to the music, and even the snacks,” adds Kawabe. “But everyone can agree that the excitement along the way and memories created with friends or family make for an unforgettable experience.” 

It is worth pointing out that snacks on road trips do not need to be unhealthy. For instance, it only takes a few moments to cut up some fruits and veggies and put them in containers to snack on while on the road. Sandwiches make another great road trip quick and easy munch choice. A selection of cheeses sliced into pieces with some crackers are generally a favorite snack. There are a variety of nuts and seeds that are great on their own or mixed with something else. makes another great snack. Home-made trail mix is nutritious, lightweight, and easy to store. Hard-boiled eggs can help you power through a long car ride. And lastly, roasted chickpeas are another option, although they are a little more cumbersome to prepare.

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