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Be Aware Of What Can Be Hiding Behind Hype

4 years, 2 months ago

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Posted on Sep 19, 2019, 7 p.m.

Lots of fads come and go that have had a lot of hype, some of which were good and some were bad. Today plant based is receiving a lot of attention, this is good and bad for various reasons. 

It seems as if everywhere you look people, media, and big companies are looking to make profit off of lack of knowledge and are labeling everything and anything as being plant based, as if that means the product is healthy, which isn't always true. 

Take sugar as an example it’s plant based and it is one of the worst foods you can put into your body. Then there’s refined vegetable oils which are also plant based. Put these two plant based items together and they are leading contributors to the cause of heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. 

Let’s take it a bit further GMO soy, GMO corn, and glyphosate laden wheat and canola are also plant based. Somehow the food industry and media have managed to convince the masses into thinking that anything that is labeled as being plant based is something they should see as healthy to eat. 

But that’s not where it stops even fast food chains are looking to cash in. A popular poultry fast food chain recently released a plant based fried chicken that had the masses waiting in massive lines to purchase a helping of questionable deep fried inflammatory ingredients that also are made from plants. 

Not to defend the meat industry at all, but plant based burgers are made from genetically modified soy, genetically modified yeast, refined oils and other highly processed inflammatory ingredients that we are supposed to believe are healthier than real food, but they most certainly are not a health food. One may be better off to avoid them both altogether. 

Research indicates that following a primarily plant based diet may be better for optimal health. However, millions of people are happily eating anything that is labelled as being plant based without even looking at the labels and thinking about it. Plants can be unhealthy too, especially when they are modified and processed. Even bread, pasta, soda, cakes and candy are made from plant based items and none of these are good for you. 

Just because something is labeled as being plant based does not mean it is healthy. Next time you see something that is labeled as being plant based, especially if it makes you do a double take, please take the time to actually read the ingredients to understand what you are about to put in your body, and if you are not sure a quick search on the internet can provide you with much detail.  When in doubt it is best to avoid, and organic labels with certifications can also be a helper. There’s a lot of companies out there looking to cash in on lack of knowledge and sheepeople herd mentality, don’t settle for inferior food, after all it is your health on the line.

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