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Supreme Court rejects Gene Patents; a first step towards sanity?

By hkugler at June 16, 2013, 1:24 a.m., 12314 hits

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court ruled that human genes are a product of nature and cannot be patented and held for profit, a decision that medical experts said will lead to more genetic testing for cancers and other diseases and to lower costs for patients.
In a unanimous ruling Thursday, the nine justices declared that human genes are not an invention, so they cannot be claimed as a type of private property.
hopefully this is a key step on the right direction.

How about plant genes: Example:
a)Natural wheat, as god made it, nature-made: NOT patentable.
b)Man-made wheat: Genes Screwed up,toxic, poison: patentable.

For more about the Supreme Court decision:,0,7257343.story

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