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Benefits of Testosterone and How to Increase it Naturally

By ndelgado at July 14, 2016, 8:53 p.m., 24607 hits

Testosterone is a powerful steroid hormone. It is often referred to as the male sex hormone because it’s responsible for male sex characteristics and men produce ten times more of it than women. The maintenance of adequate testosterone levels in men is essential for mental, physical, emotional and sexual wellbeing. Unfortunately, after age of 30, testosterone begins to decline and most men will experience a 1% drop in testosterone levels per year, after their twenties. This may not sound like a lot, but by age 40 it amounts to a 10 % loss which is enough to produce noticeable symptoms and by age 60 levels will typically be 30% lower than age 30. Fortunately, testosterone levels can easily be increased and the negative symptoms associated with low testosterone reversed. Before explaining how to naturally and effectively boost testosterone levels, lets first examine what the benefits are of doing so.

Benefits of Testosterone in Men

Many of the symptoms commonly associated with aging are actually caused by declining testosterone levels and restoring testosterone levels may help:

Keep the brain young, so that you can think clearly and solve problems
Reduce the risk for depression
Reverse mood changes caused by low testosterone levels
Build muscle strength and stamina, promote increased muscle mass and allow your muscles to grow at the same rate that they did 10-20 years ago
Preserve bone density and thereby reduce the risk for osteoporosis
Enhance insulin sensitivity, making it a potentially useful tool in the treatment of type-2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome
Prevent facial and body hair loss
Promote healthy red blood cell production which is essential because red blood cells are required to carry oxygen throughout the body
Increase energy levels, so you’ll have more energy to do things throughout the day without the need for boosters such as caffeine and sugar
Promote an youthful zest for life
Sexual Benefits of Testosterone

Testosterone is responsible for the maintenance of a healthy sex life and sexual benefits of healthy testosterone levels include:

Enhanced libido and sexual desire
Healthy sperm production
Increased overall sex life quality
Reduced risk for impotence
The prevention and reversal of Erectile Dysfunction, or ED. ED, can be caused by a variety of factors including emotional difficulties, low Nitric oxide levels and estrogen dominance. Low testosterone, however, is by far the most common cause, and restoring healthy testosterone levels is helpful in about 50% of ED cases.
How to Boost Testosterone Levels
You can boost testosterone levels naturally by exercising regularly and including strength training as well as high intensity exercises in your regime. Your diet plays a major role as well, and you should eliminate caffeine, sugar and processed foods. Try to eat a whole-foods based diet and emphasize zinc-rich foods such as oysters, shellfish, black beans, chickpeas, pumpkin seeds, spinach, mushrooms, cashews and cocoa. Zinc is important because it has been found to help boost testosterone levels in men who are deficient. In addition to modifying your diet and exercise regime, you should try to get at least 15 minutes of sunlight daily, to support healthy vitamin D levels, which are required for testosterone production. Finally, prioritize a good night’s sleep and practice stress reduction techniques such as deep breathing exercises, yoga and/or meditation.

The Best Testosterone Boosting Supplement
Incorporating the above lifestyle tweaks will go a long way towards restoring your testosterone levels, but it may not be enough. Some will require the addition of a testosterone boosting supplement in order to obtain optimal testosterone levels. Testro Vida ( contains a proprietary blend of testosterone-increasing herbs, adaptogens (which indirectly boost testosterone by helping to reduce stress), and zinc. For added support, or for those who have markedly low testosterone levels, the gold standard for boosting testosterone is bioidentical testosterone pellets which are implanted under the skin. These pellets are so helpful because they mimic exactly what goes on in the human body, releasing the required amount of testosterone directly into the bloodstream throughout the day, and they last for 3 to 5 months! You can also use injections and creams to boost testosterone but they are not as effective as pellets.


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