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Plastic Tubing Aids Nerve Regrowth
Oxidative Stress Linked to Neurodegeneration
Newly Grown Neurons are Functional Say Researchers
Mozart Lowers Frequency of Epileptic Fits
Mild Head Trauma, Big Effects
Lab-Grown Neurons Injected into Brains of Stroke Patients
Iron Raises Stroke Damage Risk
Heart Beat Molecule Could Be Useful in Treating Brain Disorders
Huntingtons Breakthrough Brings Cure One Step Closer
Growth Factor Promotes Growth of New Neurons
Falls May Indicate Ear Disorder
Eye Chemicals Instruct Severed Nerves to Regrow
Electrodes Could Help Paralysed Regain Movement
Enzyme Discovery Could Lead to New MS Treatments
Doctors Find Evidence of Life After Death
Curry Spice May Halt Progression of MS
Collagen Tubes Help Nerves to Reconnect
Brain Can Form New Memory Nerves
Bacterial Enzyme May Help Severed Nerves to Regrow
Athletic People at Increased Risk of Motor Neurone Disease
Antibiotic May Treat Multiple Sclerosis
Whole Grain Foods Protect Against Stroke
Vitamin-C Key Ingredient of Fruit and Veg
Vitamin B-12 Deficiencies on the Rise
Universal vitamin D deficiency in Americans
Trans Fatty Acids Never Safe to Eat Says Expert Panel
Trans Fatty Acids a Hidden Killer
Study Uncovers Clues as to How Calorie Restriction Extends Lifes
Soy Does Not Cause Hormone Risks
Risk of Death Lowered by Vitamin-C Rich Diet
Red Wine Rejuvenates the Blood
Pizza Packed Full of Nutritional Goodness
Mono Oils Delay Hunger Pangs
Many Young Adults Lacking in Vitamin D
Making Unpasteurized Juices Safer
Lack of Vitamins May Compromise Immunity in Age
Inadequate Care at Nursing Homes
How Much Folic Acid Fortification?
High-Protein Diets Can Cause Long-Term Harm Say Experts
High-Fiber Diet Keeps People from Chewing the Fat
Herbs Add Spice and Antioxidants to Food
Healthy Diet Takes Two Years to Reduce Heart Disease Risk
Healthy Diet Reduces Deaths In Women
Healthy Diet Improves Body and Soul
Grill with Caution
Fruits And Vegetables: Quality Matters
Folic Acid Supplements, Fortified Breakfast Cereals Can Reduce H
Few Citizens Eating Enough Greens
Extra Portion of Fruit and Veg Could Have a Major Impact on Heal
Expert Predicts Age of `Nutrigenomics`