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GH Therapy to Grow Young and Slim
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A4M Safety Update on Human Growth Hormone (HGH), January 2003
Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy in Adults
Major Domains of CAM
CAM and Malpractice
The Doctor Patient Relationship
The Future of Healthcare
Philosophy of CAM
Prescription Drugs and Their Potentially Adverse Effects
Prevalence of CAM
Your First Visit to a CAM Practitioner
The History of CAM
What is Functional Medicine
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Sweet syringe of youth
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Digestion, Immunity, and Parasites, Chapter Four
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Its A Bugs Life, Chapter One
Infection Protection: Summary
What is Anti-Aging Medicine?
Mission Statement, A4M CME Unit
International Presence
Introduction to Anti-Aging Medicine
Infinity Award Recipients
WHO Wants to Phase Out Use of Antibiotic Growth Hormones
EPA Set to Lift Ban on Testing Toxic Chemicals on Humans
US House of Representatives Votes to Ban Human Cloning
Human Heart Cells Working in Rats
Viral Infection Linked to Mental Decline in Seniors
Anti-Inflammatory Drugs Dramatically Reduce Parkinson`s Risk
Eye Gel Treatment Prevent Age-Related Vision Deterioration
Exposure to Sun May Lower Multiple Sclerosis Risk
Omega-3 May Protect Against Neurological Disorders
Engineered Bone Marrow Cells Repair Heart Attack Damage
Parkinson`s Patient Given Gene Therapy