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Ways To Help Eradicate Air Pollution In Your Area

9 months, 3 weeks ago

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Posted on Sep 10, 2021, 3 p.m.

Several factors have combined to build a devastating impact on the environment. Evolution has led to modernization and raised the pace of infrastructural projects and industrialization. Civilization has surged more so as a demand rather than a need, and along with this unfortunately the condition of the environment and air is constantly deteriorating. 

Air pollution is something intangible that is present in the content of the air, it often goes unnoticed until it is too late. The following is only a short list of some of the environmental factors that can have negative health implications:

  • Burnings of fossil fuel release harmful chemicals with smoke. 
  • Smoke emissions from industries are dangerous for health. 
  • Indoor air pollution through volatile air compounds takes place due to chemicals, mold infection, or tobacco smoke. 
  • Forest fires occur due to carelessness and rising global warming causing rigorous destruction. 
  • Microbial decay in any area leads to the release of toxic methane gas.
  • Vehicles emit air pollutants through the burning of gasoline. 
  • Open burning of garbage waste is choking human health. 
  • Construction and demolition activities under the development phase cause haze and foul air. It is hazardous for every age group. 
  • The use of chemicals and fertilizers in agricultural activities decreases the quality of air. It contaminates the surrounding air, causes health-related issues, destroys the crop, and eventually depletes the soils as well as run-off contaminating water sources.  
  • Chemicals and synthetic products are always harmful to the environment. 

Scientists suggest that such sources of air pollutants are contributing to the increase in death rates. They can cause severe health disorders like asthma, respiratory and lung diseases. Let's explore some ways to help eradicate air pollution in your area.  

How can you reduce air pollution? 

Change starts with you!  You can adopt efficient ways in your daily routine that can help save the environment and reduce air pollution. To help enhance a healthy lifestyle throughout your surroundings as the condition of neighborhood areas does affect their health, you could reduce the emergence of air pollutants through the following tips:

Indoor ventilation is necessary. 

Exposure to nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, and formaldehyde triggers can be hazardous to health and wellbeing. Open windows and utilize an extraction fan to remove the buildup of harmful content of indoor air. Extreme temperatures can lead to health-altering effects, utilizing air purifiers or adopting aromatherapy can help to maintain air purification and assist in the tempering of allergies. Wood burning fireplaces can be hazardous if not used properly and maintained. Avoid toxicity of air through proper ventilation and appropriate cleaning routines.

Adopt some steps to change your daily routine and enhance environmental awareness.

Ensure to use craft supplies in a well-ventilated area, and place the gas appliances where adequate ventilation is available to avoid noxious fumes. Dehumidifiers and air conditioners contribute to the reduction of moisture which can help with mold issues. A trash bin with compartments for the separation of biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste comes in handy for those interested in composting, this could pair nicely with a recycling bin as well. The separation of non-biodegradable waste supports the 3 R's of the environment and helps to avoid the burning of plastic waste. 

Choose environmentally friendly cleaners. 

Some cleaning ways impact the quality of air and degrade health. Harsh chemicals that give off fumes can irritate the eyes, nose, and skin. Natural cleaning supplies and some old-fashioned elbow grease are efficient for reducing the risk of exposure to these fumes. Some perfumes irritate health, and their inorganic nature affects the environment, as such cover candles with a lid to avoid their scent and incense burning while opting to use more environmentally friendly products. Try to store supplies (paints, glues, etc) safely in containers. Always read product reviews before purchasing any product, and make sure to have adequate ventilation when using cleaning products. 

Shift your priorities to public transportation. 

Public transports are a sure method of reducing pollution due to less production of energy and gas. Public transports often save costs of fuel. Carpools are another option but are less efficient than mass transport in managing air pollution. Automobiles cause the production of immense cruel gases that diminish environmental health, they contribute to degrading the quality of air, which in turn contributes to health disorders. While complete elimination of automobiles is nearly impossible and impractical in the modern era, one could make use of a single planned outing to do multiple tasks/errands in one day rather than over the course of several to help cut back on emissions. Nowadays, hybrid vehicles are also available that are suggested to produce nearly zero emissions compared to conventional vehicles. Additionally, one could also ride a bike, or walk more. 

Be aware of afforestation.  

Deforestation has many negative impacts on the environment which affect health and well-being. Recent research conducted by NASA suggests that several household plants can help to remove carbon monoxide toxic gas from both indoor and outdoor air. Planting trees is known to promote the absorption of toxins from the air, they help to fight climate change, and even help to clean the water we drink while releasing clean oxygen into the atmosphere and providing some beauty to admire. Whenever possible grow as many trees and plants as you can to sustain the green life that sustains our atmosphere.  

Utilize solar power. 

Electricity might seem an environment-friendly option for everyday lighting, heating, and other activities. However, it is one of the largest manufacturing units of VOCs that can lead to the depletion of the ozone layer. Solar panels are modern investments that have a unique design. They can generate power for your house, provide light, and even heat water. Solar energy can save costs and help to avoid energy wastage. 

Go organic

Chemical products such as perfumes and paints create immense amounts of harmful gases that can trouble human health. Organic products with low chemical content are preferable for healthy living. Natural products are free from synthetic chemicals and additives. This also applies to food, organic products are said to be free from the chemicals used in conventional farming that leach into water sources and deplete soils. 

Apart from these points, one should consider dropping the habits of cigarette smoking and vaping. You are risking your health through these unhealthy addictive smoking habits. Cigarette puffs may seem to be enjoyable, but they lead to chronic health problems. Half of the world is aware of its danger-causing tendency, but it's an addiction. Smoking also leads to the emission of various hazardous gases and undesirable chemical content that dissolves in the air. 


You can take steps to change your lifestyle for a better future. There are many tips and tricks that you could easily follow in your daily routines which can include but is not limited to: Maintaining a health-oriented lifestyle through an appropriate cleaning routine with organic products; carpooling or travel through public transportation; eliminating negative habits that impact your health and pollute the air; cut back on the energy/water your household uses; cut down on the use of plastics and non-biodegradable products, and change your perception of living to maintain a healthy pollutant-free life as much as possible. 

This article was written by Alexandra Doherty, blogger and health advocate. 

As with anything you read on the internet, this article should not be construed as medical advice; please talk to your doctor or primary care provider before making any changes to your wellness routine.

Content may be edited for style and length.

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