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Things Parents Need to Know Before Giving CBD to a Child

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Posted on Apr 21, 2020, 1 p.m.

Now that CBD products are getting to be commonly found over-the-counter, parents are wondering whether their children can take them safely. CBD can help with anxiety issues, attention issues, seizures, pain management, and more. But does it work for children? Here’s what parents need to know first before giving CBD to their child.

  1. It Might Not Be Legal In Your State

CBD is derived from two related plants, hemp, and marijuana. The federal government made hemp-derived CBD products legal, but some states have made it illegal. Idaho and Nebraska have outlawed it, while South Dakota’s status is unclear. 

Marijuana-derived CBD products usually have to be obtained through your state’s medical marijuana program and cannot be found legally outside of dispensaries. This is why we think it’s best to go through a doctor than to give it to your child on your own.

  1. Our Body Makes CBD-like Compounds

The reason CBD became legal was the discovery of the endocannabinoid system. CBD, and other cannabinoids like THC, interact with this system to create its effects. This system helps control our immune system and has a role to play in epilepsy, seizures, and many other disorders that CBD helps to treat. Taking CBD products gives this system a boost.

  1. CBD Does Not Contain THC

THC is the part of marijuana that causes a high. CBD is a separate product of the same plant. CBD products sold over the counter cannot contain THC, but some CBD products sold in dispensaries may have small amounts for its medical effects. Children need a doctor’s permission to take these.

  1. It’s Best To Always Talk To A Doctor First

There are good reasons to speak with a doctor before giving your child CBD. There could be interactions with other medications you need to know about. A doctor can also help you with dosages and access to good products. 

Also, if you can enroll your child into your state’s medical marijuana program, you can get CBD products like oil pens at a cheaper rate in most states. Should your child need some THC as well for their specific issue, a doctor’s say-so will help you clear the legal hurdles.

  1. Not All CBD Products Are Created Equal

Sadly, there isn’t a lot of regulation yet in the CBD industry. Many labels lie about the amount of CBD, or even leave it out. There are also questions about additives put into these products that may not be safe. Talking with doctors, dispensary operators, and other parents of children who use CBD can help guide you to the right ones.

  1. Good CBD Products Aren’t Cheap

Reputable manufacturers put their products through testing to ensure the right amount of CBD is in the product and that any additives are safe. This means that good products are expensive. Beware of prices that seem too good to be true, and look for vendors that can pass testing.

  1. Taking CBD Is Fairly Easy

The easiest way for children to take CBD is to mix it with food. The best foods are those with fat content. CBD is fat-soluble, so mixing it with fat means you can use less. There are also methods like tincture droplets under the tongue that a child can use, or they can eat a gummy. Your child shouldn’t need to vape or smoke a CBD product unless your doctor deems it necessary.

  1. Side Effects Are Mild But Still Need To Be Monitored

Compared to the problems that prescription medications can cause children, CBD is much more mild. However, there are still side effects to watch for. These include lethargy, lower appetite, diarrhea, and rare problems with liver function. It depends on the dosage, so work with your doctor to find the minimum effective dose.

There are also questions about the long-term effects, but CBD hasn’t been on the market long enough to see what these might be. Trials of Epidiolex, the first CBD drug approved by the FDA, showed that the product had a high level of safety.

These facts should help you decide whether your child should take CBD. Getting a doctor’s advice is always best. There’s no question that these products might help with several serious childhood diseases, but you must do your research first.

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