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Exercise Program Improving Lives Of Elderly In Living Care Homes

2 years ago

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Posted on Jul 02, 2018, 7 p.m.

The number of people aged 65+ accounts for 22% of the population in the Basque Autonomous Community and is predicted to rise to 30% by 2030, making it important to promote healthy aging with main backbones being nutrition, health, and physical exercise, as published in the journals BMC Geriatrics.

Regular exercise may help to reverse age related physical deterioration and frailty which are very common syndromes among the elderly who are at higher risk for falls, hospital admissions, dependence and death; and is more widespread among people living in residential care homes.

A pioneering program has been designed to help improve the quality of life in this population consisting of physical exercise adapted to capabilities of each individual, working on balance, strength, and stamina, which is run progressively with intensities being increased as capabilities improve.  It is considered to be pioneering as there are few studies exploring effects of physical exercise on frailty in this population, and most programmes don’t adapt to capabilities of the individual.

Links have been found between greater limb strength in first assessments with improved cognitive states and enhanced life quality. After 3 months significant improvements were seen in most physical variables such as balance, strength, and walking speeds, as compared to control groups who saw reductions in physical capabilities.

Results obtained in the Short Physical Performance Battery were significant improvements, these tests are used to measure degree of frailty and predict risk of falls, dependence, hospital admissions, and death. 2 point increases were generated for the group doing physical activity and the control group fell by one point. The pioneering program is appropriate for anyone that enjoys a degree of cognitive capacity and autonomy allowing them to participate in to gain the benefits of it.

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