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Basic First Aid Knowledge: 5 Reasons Why It's Essential

10 months ago

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Posted on Jun 16, 2023, 3 p.m.

Accidents can happen anywhere, at any time, and to anyone. Typically, these accidents tend to happen when you least expect them to. Because of this ever-present fact, it is critical to have some sense of preparation: basic first aid knowledge is invaluable, as you never know when or where you might need it.

Take your workplace, for example; you never know when someone may trip and fall, leading to just a small bruise if they're lucky, but it could also result in a broken bone. Or, it could be more serious: a colleague could have a sudden cardiac arrest, immediately needing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

Workplace accidents are incredibly common. In 2021, over 565,000 people sustained an injury in their workplace in the UK, according to the Labour Force Survey. Hence, it is important to have the skills to provide immediate assistance. First aid knowledge will help to prevent any further injury and ease the severity of the injuries already sustained, as well as bring comfort to your colleague in need. 

A basic first aid course will provide you with all the essential knowledge that you may need in various emergency situations and can actually be carried out via your workplace. 

The first aid course is not just valuable but essential. Thus, here are five very compelling reasons why you and your workplace should all equip yourself with these fundamental first-aid skills:

1. Immediate Response

In an emergency, we all know just how valuable every second may be. With a basic understanding of first aid, you will be able to respond before medical professionals arrive, which in some cases could be a matter of life and death.

By immediately providing first aid in the workplace, you will be able to control bleeding, create a splint to stabilize breaks or fractures, etc. Further, you can also provide critical assistance that works to significantly increase the chances of a positive outcome. 

Acting swiftly in emergency situations can save lives.

2. Preventing Further Injury

When someone sustains an injury, there is a risk of making said injury worse without the proper care. This is especially relevant with sprains, fractures, and breaks. 

By applying the appropriate techniques, such as supporting fractured limbs, you can minimize pain and reduce the risk of any future complications. Your first aid knowledge becomes a shield against any further potential harm, empowering individuals to recover more smoothly and with minimal complications.

3. Peace of Mind

There can often be nothing scarier than seeing someone hurt and feeling powerless to help. With basic first aid knowledge, you will never be in that powerless state again: you will always be ready to help the party in need. 

There’s nothing more valuable than the confidence that comes with knowledge, especially in an emergency. This confidence helps you to stay calm, think clearly, and make quick and critical decisions in high-pressure emergency situations.

You will be able to approach any medical crisis with conviction and a strong sense of determination.

4. Contributing to a Safer Community

With the knowledge that comes with basic first aid training, you will be prepared to handle many common injuries, from bleeding wounds to sprained ankles. First aid knowledge is the safety net upholding your local community, be it in your neighborhood or the workplace. 

Do your part by cultivating a safe environment in which people know that there is always someone with first aid knowledge to help in time of need.

5. It Could Save Lives

The common instances, such as severe allergic reactions or choking, all represent emergency situations. In a situation like this, basic first aid would grant you the knowledge to intervene effectively and make a huge difference to the suffering party. The significance of acquiring this healthcare knowledge truly cannot be overstated.

By completing a basic first aid training course, you can hold a value that is far beyond measure. This applies particularly when facing situations where someone’s life hangs in the balance. 

First-aid training courses hold the potential to turn you into a hero. You will help not only the individuals directly impacted by the emergency but also your entire community.


From preventing further injury, giving support, and the ability to provide immediate assistance, the reasons to acquire basic first aid knowledge couldn't be more compelling. Having the knowledge of basic first aid empowers you and those around you. It enables you to take action with rigor and confidence that could be absolutely critical. 

By acquiring this basic healthcare knowledge, you could become an everyday hero. Become a shining beacon of support and safety for all around you. You will also make a huge difference to your community: everyone will be safer, thanks to you. So take the initiative: learn and expand your first aid skill set. 

This article was written for WHN by Jessica Smith, who is a content creator, blogger, and health advocate.

As with anything you read on the internet, this article should not be construed as medical advice; please talk to your doctor or primary care provider before changing your wellness routine. This article is not intended to provide a medical diagnosis, recommendation, treatment, or endorsement.

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