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Bangladesh Medical Team Claims Ivermectin With Doxycycline Clears COVID-19

3 years, 12 months ago

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Posted on May 25, 2020, 2 p.m.

A Bangladeshi medical team is claiming that their research on the combination of two widely used and common drugs has yielded positive results in clearing COVID-19 patients with acute symptoms of the disease. 

"We have got astounding results. Out of 60 COVID-19 patients, all recovered as the combination of the two drugs were applied", said Professor Dr Md Tarek Alam, the head of medicine department at private Bangladesh Medical College Hospital (BMCH).

According to Alam who is a reputed clinician in Bangladesh the antiprotozoal medicine Ivermectin in combination with one dose of the antibiotic Doxycycline yielded the results of COVID-19 patients being cleared as being negative from the disease. Alam says that the team has been prescribing the medicines to coronavirus patients most of which initially reported respiratory problems along with other symptoms who later tested positive. 

Alam claims that the efficacy of the combined medicines was such that the COVID-19 patients recovered within 4 days while experiencing a 50% reduction of symptoms in three days with no side effects after applying the drugs. 

"The repeated or second tests, in line with the procedure, reconfirmed them COVID-19 negative in all the cases under the research which found the combination to have no side effects on patients either,”  he said.

The team is confident and hopeful about the effectiveness of this combination, and add that they have contacted the concerning regulators and officials and are now preparing to exhaust the international procedures for acknowledgement of this combinations of drugs for the treatment of COVID-19. Alam also says that the team is working on finalizing the report on the development of this combination to be published in an international journal as is required for the scientific peer reviewed acknowledgement. 

"Ivermectin is a drug that is part of the World Health Organization's deworming programme, and is considered safe in the WHO's Safety List. It is also used as a de-worming tablet and is used to treat coronavirus patients. Many Indian hospitals in Kerala, Uttar Pradesh's Kanpur and Delhi are also trying this medicine on COVID-19 patients,” according to Dr Aarti Lal Chandani, Principal of Kanpur Medical College. 

Studies conducted at Monash University of Australia and the Victorian Infectious Diseases Reference Lab discovered that Ivermectin was able to eradicate this virus within 48 hours, and that this drug also weakened the RNA of the virus by almost 93%, according to health expert Dr. Kaushal Mishra. 

Officials in the Bolivian city of Trinidad have launched a campaign to give out free doses of Ivermectin in an attempt to combat the spread of COVID-19 in the hard hit region; authorities will be going door to door to hand out around 350,000 free doses to residents in the region of Beni. 

Although Ivermectin has won the support among the officials in Trinidad, of the door to door delivery of the medication for free the Health Minister Marcelo Navajas told the local media that under proper medical protocol the drug can be used while noting  “It is a product that does not have scientific validation in the treatment of the coronavirus. It does serve to treat parasitic diseases and other types of diseases. Therefore, we ask our medical colleagues who are going to use this product to do so with informed consent."

Ivermectin proof-of-concept-based human clinical trials are now occurring in the following areas:

  • University of Tanta, Egypt
  • Mansoura University, Egypt
  • University of Baghdad, Iraq
  • General Directorate of Medical City, Iraq
  • University of Kentucky, USA
  • Johns Hopkins University, USA
  • Clinica Universisad de Navarra, Spain
  • Combined Military Hospital Lahore, Pakistan
  • Max Super Specialty Hospital, Saket, India
  • Laboratorio Elea Phoenix S.A., Argentina
  • Jose Manuel Arreola Guerra
  • Aguascalientes, Mexico (physician)
  • The Bangladesh Medical College

While it is too early to come to a conclusion, here’s hoping for the publication(s) of studies with continued positive results from such work in clearing patients of this virus that is causing havoc and claiming the lives of far too many people around the globe. 

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