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9 Reasons to Improve Your Gut Health

7 years, 4 months ago

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Posted on Jan 23, 2017, 6 a.m.

Here are nine reasons why it's beneficial to improve the health of your gut.

Healthy bacteria and microflora are essential to gut health. Keeping your bodys PH in balance helps to keep you healthy and disease free. When your PH is imbalanced, you are vulnerable to many diseases and discomforts. Stealth viruses play a huge role in offsetting the sensitive microclimates in your body. A stealth infection is just what it sounds like. Simply a hidden infection, viral, bacterial or otherwise, that invades the body. These stealth pathogens may even change the way your immune system behaves in your body. If a stealth pathogen has the right characteristics in structure and in the proteins they express, the body can mistake them for its own tissue. Some viruses, called encapsulated viruses, move from cell to cell hiding from the immune system cloaked in the body's own tissue. 

Stealth viruses are very common. You get past the symptoms, but never actually rid your body of the virus, much like the herpes virus. It is a mystery why an early infection doesn't leave the body entirely and often reappears later in life when the immune system is not as strong. The best way to protect yourself from exposure to stealth pathogens and infectious bacteria? Keep your gut healthy and flourishing with all the good bacteria you can find. Still not convinced?

According to Dr. David Brady, autoimmune disease has become a modern epidemic. There are a number of autoimmune diseases, including Inflamed Bowel Syndrome that affect one in 250 people, whereas one hundred years ago, only one in ten thousand were affected. Dr. Brady explains, our genes are not changing, but our environment and how we interact with it is changing. So what's driving this epidemic? It could begin in your gut.

Here are 9 reasons why you want to improve the health of your gut.

1. Autoimmune Disease

Even if there is no diagnosis of an autoimmune disease, improving your gut health can help combat the common triggers of diseases like thyroid disease, hashimotos, multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis. Looking at your family history can give good indicators of what to look for. With new technology, we can even map the microbiota in the gut, counting the good, bad and opportunistic bugs that are growing which allows you and your doctor to practice preventative medicine to reduce the risk of autoimmune disorders. 


2. Mental Health and Mood

The condition of your gut can actually determine your mental health. Many mood disorders are very closely linked to the microbiota in your gut. When you don't have a healthy gut, you won't have mental health. Seeing the correlation between gut health and mood disorders, doctors have been treating IBS with antidepressants for a number of years. Although that may get symptoms to subside, treating the gut in order to gain mental health would better solve the problem.


3. Hormones

Having balanced hormones is extremely important. Hormones play a key role in maintaining health. Many hormones, and several essential vitamins and minerals, can only be absorbed through the gut and the digestive tract. If the PH in your gut is not healthy, these essentials are discarded through the waste process, and are never able to nourish and stablilize your body.

Dr. Brady suggests that the most important thing you can do for your body is to feed it right. It might take some trial and error, but learning how your body responds to different foods will help you make better choices in the foods that you eat. White blood cells react differently to different foods, for different people. Discover which foods your body gets along with. Probiotics are an excellent way to maintain a healthy gut. Drink plenty of water and move around a lot, even if you don't consider it exercise, try not to be sedentary. Still having difficulties improving your health? Dr. Brady talks about how some doctors are using parasites to achieve a healthy gut, relieving systemic inflammation. Find what works for you, and what helps you to feel your best. As you improve the health of your gut, you will begin to see massive changes in your overall health and wellbeing. 

4. Digestive Health

There is a lot going on in your digestive tract, and it is important that it is functioning well for multiple reasons. The microbiota that live and thrive will determine the PH of your gut and your intestines. If the PH is off, it allows yeast and fungus to grow, causing infection and inflamation. When you have the right PH it makes it very difficult, if not impossible for harmful yeast and fungus to grow. Which leads to the next reason why you should improve the health of your gut.


5. Vaginal Health


The right kind of bacteria in your gut, means the right kind of bacteria in your intestines, which means the right kind of bacteria in your vagina. Any woman who has experienced the discomfort of a yeast or fungal infection will tell you, taking care to avoid a vaginal infection is a top priority. Many women have painfully gone through the vicious cycle of treating a vaginal infection with an antibiotic that kills the bad bacteria, but also the good bacteria, leaving her vulnerable to yet another infection. The best remedy? Keeping your gut healthy.


6. Staying Regular

The right bacteria in your gut means you're going to have regular bowel movements. Getting rid of waste quickly means a shorter transit time, which means there is less opportunity for toxins to be reabsorbed. Not to mention, more often and regular bowel movements will leave you feeling much better in general.


7. Weight


Having the right flora in your gut also contributes to a healthy weight. The flora actually decreases the amount of fat that is absorbed by the intestines, which pushes it out in the waste. 


8. Increased Energy


When your body feels tired and sluggish, it is very likely that your gut is to blame. The flora in your gut is responsible for regulating your immune, nervous and endocrine systems. It's no wonder that you feel tired and even weak when your gut is unhealthy.


9. Eliminate Infection 

You may be harboring an infection without overt symptoms, which means you probably don't know you have an infection. You may be fatigued, gaining weight, feeling depressed, constipated and have hormonal imbalances. You may have inflammation in your body. All of these symptoms often point to an underlying infection. Maintaining a healthy gut will eliminate the infection, and bring health back to your body.

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