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5 Benefits Of Hemp Seed Oil For Hair And Scalp

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Posted on Apr 13, 2020, 2 p.m.

In the modern age, people have started to move towards recreational and natural remedial substances. Not only do these have therapeutic benefits, but they also have less-known or minimal side-effects as compared to the prescribed medications. Hemp oil is one of the supplements that users utilize the most and is backed by some of the governing bodies of the United States. Hemp gained significant ground after the introduction of the Farm Bill in 2018, after which it got legalized in all the fifty states.

Understanding Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp originates from the Sativa plant, known to have several health benefits. Many new users tend to get confused between hemp and marijuana as both of them originate from cannabis. This oil, however, is green in colour and crafted through the process of cold-pressing the hemp seeds.

Another element to consider while studying it is that it is different from CBD. While hemp plants contain 12-18% of CBD traces and less than 0.3% THC, this oil tends to have no CBD traces in it, with the THC level of 0%. That’s because the hemp seed oil is directly extracted from the seeds, whereas CBD oil is extracted using the whole plant, which also contains other cannabinoids like THC. Due to low THC levels, the seed oil fails to produce the mind-altering sensation and effects that most of the marijuana users experience because of its richness in THC levels. 

Even though the hemp seed oil has a range of many benefits that you can experience by incorporating it into your routine lifestyle, more and more users have started using the oil to maintain the hair and scalp health.

Those who want to look up for hemp products such as hemp oil, capsules, or CBD hemp flowers in one place can check the online stores as well if they fail to get them on the market. However, let us shed some light on how hemp seed oil benefits your hair and scalp.

Helps in moisturizing

In the regions where the temperatures are high and dry, people face issues like dry scalp, which in turn damages the health of both hair and the scalp. As a result, it is vital to keep the scalp moisturized for better nurturing.

With the help of hemp seed oil, your hair will experience less water loss which will help to keep the scalp from dehydrating. The oil not only helps the scalp and hair in dry weather, but it also gets absorbed quickly all year long. Such a process alleviates the chances of it getting sticky and damaging your hair. So, if you live in a place that has an unregulated climate or temperature, make sure you keep hemp oil seed ready from the get-go.

Helps in stimulating the hair growth

Hair growth is one of the biggest concerns that a person may face. Incorporating hemp seed oil into your regular meals and lifestyle can help you in many significant ways, some of which are through fatty acids like Omega 3, 6, and 9. These fatty acids are crucial for revitalizing hair growth.

Since our hair is made up of keratin, about 90% of it is protein. Many users experience hair loss and damaged scalp because of a lack of protein. One can deal with such an issue with the help of hemp seed oil. The oil helps by boosting blood circulation through the scalp and nourishes the hair follicles in order to make way for their seamless growth. One study shows that hemp seed oil can help in stimulating hair growth by keeping unwanted substances away from entering hair follicles.

Helps in preventing hair breakage

At times, people face hair problems like split ends, which further leads to hair breakage. Not only can such an issue damage hair health, but it can also be embarrassing. More often, natural substances and supplements have been bought to help deal with such issues naturally without causing further damage to the hair.

This oil helps in strengthening the hair by naturally activating the defense barrier. It is rich in proteins, fatty acids, and GLA that help your hair gain some much-need strengthening. A study done in the year 2015 shows that hemp seed oil can help to improve hair diameter and density.

Omega fatty acids are helpful.

Many may be aware of the compound’s healing properties, but not many know about the importance of its fatty acids. Because of omega 9’s consistency, this oil helps in restoring the moisture, whereas the other two fatty acids help in protecting and nourishing hair.

Another vital nutrient that helps in vitalizing the scalp is omega-6, as it has GLA. Omega 9, however, helps to keep the scalp and hair’s health intact. Omega 3 helps to circulate blood and builds the agility to encounter hair problems.

Stearic acid is vital for scalp and hair.

Many people face issues with dirt, which will stop hair from growing seamlessly without any damage. Hemp seed oil contains stearic acid, which can help hair to  withstand damage as well as provide a natural conditioning. Also, because of the acid’s properties, it helps in making your scalp supple and robust.

Final thoughts

One of the biggest challenges people face nowadays is keeping their scalp’s health intact. And, it is better if done through natural means which may or may not include supplements. Hemp is considered to be one of the safest natural compounds that help in cleansing and moisturizing your hair along with alleviating scalp inflammation. Moreover, you have an opportunity to incorporate such an ingredient through many forms and applications.

Article courtesy of: Jeffery N. Thompson, blogger and health advocate. 

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