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23rd Annual World Congress on Anti-Aging Medicine

8 years, 8 months ago

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Posted on Nov 20, 2015, 6 a.m.

Transition to a higher standard of medicine that incorporates solid science and emerging technology

The 23rd Annual World Congress on Anti-Aging Medicine offers unique clinical approaches that promote disease prevention and lifestyle management. Attendees will have access to unparalleled content, ground-breaking research and valuable resources that enable today’s health practitioners the opportunity for sustained success and growth. The conference takes place at The Venetian/Palazzo Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada, from December 10-13, 2015. Throughout the four days of the conference, experts in Anti-Aging medicine cover the most-exciting topics in today’s medical world. Epigenics, regenerative science, core hormone issues, inflammation’s role in the aging process, the microbiome, and the connection to the neuroimmune system will all be covered in great depth. This is an opportunity for professionals to gain practical knowledge that can be implemented into their practice without delay. Participants will have the chance to network with leaders in the field and delve into compelling science-based curriculum along with expert speakers, breakthrough strategies, interactive workshops and case-study discussions. For those wishing to transition to a higher standard of medicine that incorporates solid science, emerging technology, and evidence-based protocols for improving patient health outcomes, this is the conference to attend.

Keynote Speakers
  • Zubin Damania, MD, Healthcare Innovator
  • Kevin Pho, MD, Social Media Mogul
  • Daniel Kraft, MD, Healthcare Futurist
Specialty Workshops
  • Biomedical Information Therapy Symposium
  • Longevity Workshop: Living Longer, Living Healthier
  • Men’s Health: Top Topics and Bottom Lines
  • Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Prescribing BHRT
  • Inflammation: Managing Health and Performance
  • Emerging Trends in Telomere Biology
  • The Good Gut: Understanding The Keys to Health

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