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Tuned in or Stress Out?

By sswartz at Oct. 2, 2012, 5:06 p.m., 9717 hits

The baby boomers are freaking out
An increasing number of people born from
1941 to 1954 are more frazzled, stressed out and it’s all
about aging.

One would think getting older is a good
thing considering the other option.

This is causing a major health dilemma
for people between 55 and 72 that we have
never seen in such
high numbers before.


The amount of stress that people are experiencing
is causing an unheard-of-breakdowns in the immune
system and secondary diseases are showing their
ugly heads.

This is due to people being inflexible
and resisting change both in their body and mind.

Here what I think about this
increasing dilemma?“


It is the number one killer on
the planet and it leads to most health problems
it causes the biggest and quickest break down
of the body, mind and spirit.

If we knew how to use the energy behind stress
we would not be suffering from anxiety, worry,
and struggle or blaming others for our problems.”

Most of us have a propensity to have stressful
situations in our life. Could it be nature's way
of teaching us.

Stress seems to comes in like a big wave that
rolls over our head and bounces us like a
basketball on the ocean floor.

By the time we know what happened we are gasping for
breath, flat on our face with our trousers down to
our knees filled with sand.

But STRESS can be used as a very powerful tool
to change our entire life. To keep healthy, powerful
and accomplish more than one could imagine.

Once you know how to use stress to your advantage
You can use it as the fuel that drives your locomotive.

Every week people come into my office and have some
issue that's affecting their health and blocking
their energy.

They are needlessly in torment suffering from one
thing or another and its Usually self-induced.

We all desire to live a long healthy life and
I believe that with the right education and coaching
we can have it.
My meditation Master was a stickler on learning
And learning to learn. Here what he taught:
The pith teaching on learning are broken down to six steps
1. Willingness to learn

2. Willingness to change

3. Willingness to ask

4. Willingness to listen

5. Willingness to act

6. Willingness to reflect on the results of actions

When these steps are follower and applied to working on oneself, working
with others and working for the sake of community.
stresses just dissolve.

I wish you the Best in Health, Wealth and Happiness

Dr. Wu Dui

P.S. Most of our health issues can be trained out
of the body just the way they have been train
in over the years.

PSS. The “Turn Stress Into Power” program will show you
how to use your stress and benefit from it. Pick up a copy at
and you can eliminate the anguish of those stressful situations
and churn them into gold.

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