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TOXINS ON YOUR PLATE: CROPS RAISED WITH OIL FIELD WATER: Cher Gilmore, we appreciate you so much!

By hkugler at May 16, 2015, 3:01 p.m., 10803 hits

The insanity of irrigating crops with oil company “recycled” water (LAT, May 2nd) - - the oil industry suggests that the soil will filter out any toxins, carcinogens; analysis of toxins in the water left up to oil companies - - was, magnificently, hitting the (oil company) nails on the heads, commented on by Cher Gilmore in the LA Times Opinion section, May 8th. Let me quote Cher Gilmore:

“LET ME GET THIS STRAIGHT: Oil companies sell their “recycled” wastewater to farmers for crop irrigation; state authorities test the water only for naturally occurring toxins; the oil companies won't reveal all the chemicals they use; the State Water Resources Control Board largely leaves the responsibility for testing and disclosure to the oil companies; potentially carcinogenic toxins have been found in irrigation ditches in higher concentrations than in some oil spill disaster sites; and the farmers are trusting organisms in the soil to remove the toxins? (“Central Valley's growing concern: Crops raised with oil field water,” May 2) .
This sounds like a disaster in slow motion to me. Problem is, how will we ever connect illness caused by slow poisoning through food to the irrigation water? Expanding the testing is a good start, but you can only find chemicals you look for.
The bottom line? Oil companies get big money for their toxic waste, farmers get cheap (polluted) water, and consumers are probably getting cheated.”

I couldn’t have said it better.
Dr. Hans J. Kugler, PhD, President, IAAM (International Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine)
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