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Chicago Doctor Rages Against Obamacare - Mayer Eisenstein

By meisenstein at Nov. 27, 2013, 7:35 p.m., 23806 hits

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Published on Nov 25, 2013

CHICAGO | How will Obamacare affect you? One Chicago doctor, Mayer Eisenstein, lays it all on the table and dissects the new law. Hold on to your seat.

President Obama's healthcare reform law has experienced a well-publicized series of failures. The Web site at has been riddled with problems.

More important than that issue are cancellations of insurance policies of millions of people nationwide. Customers who had policies with less coverage than the new minimums was voided by insurers.

Just a day after news broke that one million people lost health insurance in California, an aid to the President announced a change in policy. In exchange for allowing what the plan terms “substandard policies,” insurance companies would be given two mandates. First, they must inform the customer that their policy is below the new minimum permissible coverage. Second, they must provide an accounting of the benefits missed by not upgrading.

The battle over Obamacare is raging around the country. The President is standing firm in his support of the program as a whole, even as popularity of the program fades among the general public. It is also costing him, in the form of declining poll numbers.

Doctor Mayer Eisenstein is the director of Homefirst Health Services. He is a graduate of the Illinois Medical School and John Marshall Law School. He has spent four decades in medicine, treating over 75,000 patients. Having trained in both medicine and law, he offers a unique perspective into the President's healthcare reforms.

Mayer Eisenstein is our guest on the show today.

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