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School Based Nutrition Programs Help To Reduce Obesity


Findings from this study support previous administration policies of providing healthier food to children at all schools

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World’s First Total Body Scanner

The world’s first total body scanner takes a 3D picture of the entire human form in 20 seconds, inventors claim it will be able to find spreading cancers, track infections, and have countless uses being faster, higher quality, and safer than existing CT and PET scans, and was developed at the University of California.

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Mortality Rates On The Rise For Generation X and Y

There is a decline in the US life expectancy, which is not just from the Baby Boomers, Gen X and Y are also influencing the decline, with the causes of premature mortality varying by race, gender, and ethnicity according to researchers from Duke University.

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Human Blood Cells Directly Reprogrammed Into Neural Stem Cells

For the first time Human blood cells have been directly reprogrammed into a previously unknown type of neural stem cell as published in Cell Stem Cell.

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Maximizing Lutein Antioxidant Derived From Spinach

To get the most of your spinach consider using it in the form of a smoothie or juice, as new research suggests that this is the best way to obtain the antioxidant lutein, as published in the journal Food Chemistry.

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The Future of Medicine

"Presenter: Daniel Kraft, MD Recorded at the A4M December 2015 World Congress on Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine"

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Human Growth Hormone

Learn how Energy Medicine can be used to improve your own health and well–being

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Medical Editors

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