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Young Blood Elixir May Prevent Age Related Diseases

10 months, 1 week ago

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Posted on Sep 12, 2018, 9 p.m.

Blood factors obtained from young beings may improve later life health in animals and halt and reduce chances of developing age related disease and may be the key to maintaining long lasting health in old age, as published in the journal Nature.

Research shows that young blood may allow humans to live a life free of diseases such as cancer and heart disease right up until death says Dame Linda Partridge of the University College London. Ageing is the emperor of all diseases, most regard ageing as natural and not to interfere with nature, but others have considered it to be an ethical imperative to cure illness where it is found.

In these studies older mice did not develop age related diseases after being given young blood, these mice maintained sharp cognitive function, while younger mice given older blood had the opposite effect and became ill.

Practical accessibility of human microbiome and blood system makes therapeutic manipulation an ideal approach, but studies in animals is first needed to establish long term consequences and investigate possible side effects. Blood is most practical and easily accessible making it being most a commonly investigated tissue, but is less commonly used in animal studies.

Trials by USA startup Ambrosia involved 70 participants aged 35+. After receiving plasma from young volunteers aged 16 and 25 improvements were noted in biomarkers for various diseases. Ambrosia is currently offering blood plasma from teenaged donors to older customers at a cost of $8000.00 for two and a half litres.

The startup Elevian believes a blood protein called GDF11 is the key ingredient, and has announced it has $5.5 million of investment backing to follow this approach. Which has previously been covered in WHN: whn/pursuing-disputed-approach-aging-diseases-gdf11/

Blood is a potent symbol of health, life and death that is now linked to searches for eternal youth, components of which have been used for decades as aphaeresis with specific uses to address specific conditions.

Reputation of young blood and its possibilities are moving into big business as it holds intriguing promise to the quest for reversing aging. Data emerging from clinical trials holds indication of tremendous promise. Young blood therapy is starting to thrive, and holds cause for hopeful optimism in regenerative medicine.

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