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What Your Breasts May Be Saying About Health

9 months, 2 weeks ago

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Posted on Sep 09, 2018, 9 p.m.

The body tries to communicate with you in a surprising amount of ways, and may tell you long before you display or feel symptomatic that there may be a problem. Learning to understand the body’s language is important to health.

Much like other parts of the body the breasts may be trying to communicate with you in their own unique way. Changes in breasts may be an indicator of something that may need to be addressed in regards to your health.

If your breasts are growing it may be a sign that you are gaining weight, or hormones are changing such as before starting your period, taking birth control pills, or becoming pregnant.

One breast being larger than another is very common, vast majority of women do not have natural identically sized breasts. However if one has changed shape it may be an early warning sign of breast cancer and is worth getting it checked out to be sure it’s nothing serious.

Breasts feeling lumpy and sore may have several reasons such as the beginning of your menstrual cycle, or too much caffeine that can cause tenderness; cutting back on soda and caffeine may lead to the sensitivity going away. This is also something that shouldn’t be ignored if symptoms persist should be checked out.

Nipples discharging or leaking a milky white discharge can happen even if you are not pregnant or nursing, it can also happen when being physically stimulated, or as a side effect of some medications such as antidepressants or antipsychotics that increase levels of prolactin hormones that encourage production of milk. However the milky white discharge may also be a sign of noncancerous tumors, which is especially true if only happening in one breast, it is best to bring this to the attention of your doctor.

Seeing veins that are pale or translucent may be an indicator that you are susceptible to sunburn and/or skin cancer, make sure to take all the necessary precautions to protect yourself from too much sun exposure.

If breast skin is typically smooth becomes rough like an orange peel it may be a sign of breast cancer, especially if nipple and areola are hard, you should immediately make an appointment to get this looked in to as soon as possible.

At any time there is a puckering or dimpling of the skin or nipples appear retracted do not wait, it is time to see a doctor right away, this is generally a sign of breast cancer.

It is important to be in touch with your breasts by looking at them and feeling them while doing regular self exams paying attention to any changes. It is possible that many things that may seem odd to one person are normal in another, keeping an eye on your breasts will allow you to notice any abnormal changes.

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