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Trace Minerals From Ocean Found To Increase Blood Flow & Reduce Inflammation

1 year, 7 months ago

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Posted on Feb 12, 2019, 3 p.m.

Seventy minerals and trace elements found deep within the ocean are suggested to help improve blood flow and hemoglobin level in the brain after exercise in a report published in Frontiers In Physiology.

Consuming deep ocean water minerals is hypothesized by a multi-national team of researchers to replenish incomplete molecular complexities and increase physical capacity against energy consuming and physically taxing challenges, based on the paleobiology concept of life starting in deep ocean waters.

Athletes consume energy boosting food stuffs to help replenish nutrients and minerals burned up during sports. However energy drinks/bars are typically highly processed and contain artificial components. Discovery of deep ocean minerals may bring us a step closer to replacing processed energy boosting foods with something more natural.

The crossover randomized double blind placebo controlled study indicates consumption of deep ocean minerals before, durning, and after exhaustive cycling exercises is associated with elevated levels of cerebral hemoglobins; testing was conducted on 12 men with an average age of 21, and 9 men with an average age of 47.

There were significant differences between cerebral hemodynamic responses, which were greatest among the older men, but there wasn’t any significant differences between placebo and DOM beverages for lactate response while cycling at 75% VO2 max.

Consumption of DOM lead to increases in neutrophil to lymphocyte ratio in the older men after exercise, which is a marker of internal inflammation; which suggests that DOM may be able to reduce damage after intense exercise, or improve speed of recovery after.

Deep ocean mineral supplementation helps to improve quality of cell condition after an entropic challenge; and results further confirm that nature can be supplemented to provide the body with what it needs, according to the team.

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