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Stem Cells And Runaway Blood Sugar

7 months, 3 weeks ago

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Posted on Nov 01, 2018, 7 p.m.

Stems cells are natural, they are in your cells, already existing within you, and may be the solution for some to blood sugar, abdominal weight gain, heart concerns, low energy, brain fog and many other issues lies within combined with healthy lifestyle choices including nutrition, and being active.

Pharma is scrambling to create stem cell drugs and are spending big bucks to invent formulas to patent which should come as no surprise.

Stems cells are natural, they are in your cells, already existing within you. Basically the drug conglomerates are working to patent what is already within the body. There are 137 billion reasons why they are doing this, and would like to keep the general public in the dark as the market for blood sugar medications alone is massive estimated to be at $137 billion and steadily growing due to toxins in foods, beverages, and everyday environments.

Approximately 3 million new patients suffer with runaway blood sugar each year. It should be to no surprise the pharma want to keep the market cornered and stop any potential threats to its power, money, control, and profit.

One does not need to be slave to big pharma, the FDA, or hospitals for all medical needs. It is possible to harness the power of the body’s stem cells to help normalize blood sugar and insulin levels without dangerous drugs, and surgeries. The solution for some to blood sugar, abdominal weight gain, heart concerns, low energy, brain fog and many other issues lies within combined with healthy lifestyle choices including nutrition, and being active.

Tufts University researchers made the first discovery 30 years ago of neural stem cells in the hippocampus, finding the cells could morph into any kind of cell in the brain and repair damage. Decades later stem cells have been found to be impacted by hundreds of different genes and protein pathways; and can be used to treat many conditions for what seems to be unlimited regenerative and anti-aging capability. Discovery of pluripotent stem cells won the Nobel Prize in 2012, and has been widely used to generate an infinite supply of beta cells to generate insulin and keep glucose in safe zones with toxic solutions.

Food can be used as medicine, nutrition has ability to affect many of those pathways at the same time, some of these boosters compliment each other working alongside and strengthening one another. Nutrient studies show that balanced blood sugar boosts the body’s stem cell count.

Turmeric has been shown to carry many benefits and has gained much fame as a powerful healing herb. Thousands of studies from Johns Hopkins and others have found it has healing potential for no less than 700 health concerns without side effects which includes better support for blood sugar levels than any other solution available. Brigham and Women’s hospital study participants experienced healthy blood sugar levels, healthy beta cell function, healthy response to insulin, and better age related inflammation response in only a few months. Institute of Neuroscience and Medicine found 80% more stem cells in animals that had been administered stem cells that turned into brain neurons in 72 hours. New York College of Medicine combined turmeric with stem cell therapy to treat severs spinal cord injury and found it worked 180% better to generate neural stem cells resulting in enhanced spinal cord health, referring to its ability to promote growth of stem cells, reprogram normal cells into pluripotent stem cells,  safeguard stem cells from oxidative damage, and support healthy functioning pancreatic beta cells.

Ceylon cinnamon has the ability to help balance blood sugar levels. A USDA study comparing 49 herbs for insulin enhancing effects concluded this cinnamon was second to none; boosting sugar metabolism in cells by 2000%. Another USDA study showed patients given a teaspoon a day had an average drop in blood sugar of 20% within weeks; in 40 days subjects had enhanced markers for triglycerides, total cholesterol, and LDL.

Berberine has been used in traditional medicines for thousands of years, its performance in human blood sugar clinical trial has been wonderful working to support healthy cellular responses to insulin, allowing cells to optimally burn sugar, supports healthy glycolysis helping the body to break down sugars inside cells, and supporting healthy sugar production in the liver. Sear Institute for Anti-Aging Medicine study of patients taking 1000 mg daily had improved normal blood sugar levels of over 20%, and improved healthy levels of hemoglobin A1c by 21%. Scientific review of 14 studies revealed it is effective at keeping blood sugar healthy without side effects. Berberine may also help to keep cholesterol normal and healthy, help to trim down waistlines, support healthy homocysteine levels, and help support the brian to deliver sharper memory, focus and concentration.

Egyptian Black Seed/ Nigella Sativa helps to provide a one-two punch to bad blood sugar. Its active ingredient Thymoquinone has potent effects on runaway blood sugar. One study found it to perform effectively at supporting healthy insulin levels without side effects via supporting healthy pancreatic beta cells to enhance insulin response and blood sugar metabolism. Another study with subject taking black seed alongside oral medications for 12 weeks reported significantly healthier blood sugar levels, decreases in insulin resistance, and healthy functioning beta cell counts. In another study pure stems cells comparing them to effects of black seed on blood sugar finding equal levels of healthy blood sugar levels in 15 days and after 30 days healthy numbers of beta cells, both yielding the same results.

Cerasee/bitter melon has over 100 scientific studies proving its effectiveness for blood sugar concerns. It has been used in traditional medicines for years to treat many conditions ranging from rashes to stomach pain and support of healthy blood sugar attacking runaway blood sugar.

Gymnema Sylvestre/Gurmar has been used in traditional medicines for thousands of years to help maintain healthy blood sugar levels, and is prized for its holistic systems of healing. Gumar is Hindi for destroyer of sugar, describing the way chewing leaves interferes with ability to taste sweetness, helping to reduce cravings for sugary snacks. One study involving patients struggling to maintain normal blood sugar levels taking this for 20 months had the outcome of excellent blood sugar levels, and healthy insulin levels, with some of the subjects being able to stop taking other solutions.

Chromium is required for healthy insulin function, which aids in digestion and helps to move blood glucose from the bloodstream into cells for energy; and helps to turn fats, carbs, and proteins into energy. It is widely available in many foods, yet research shows majority of Americans have a chromium deficient diet.

Turmeric, Ceylon cinnamon, berberine, Nigella sativa, bitter melon, Gymnema Sylvestre, and chromium can boost stem cells to help restore blood sugar levels and rescue metabolism. Research shows that stems cells have healing powers that are second to none, with almost nothing they can’t due for the body such as improve energy, vision, muscle tone, improve cognitive function, support heart health, vitality, and promote healthy metabolism that burns fat, among other benefits.

Stem cells may be the perfect solution for blood sugar as suggested by growing bodies of evidence such as Harvard and MIT teams using human stem cells to generate billions of glucose responsive pancreatic beta islet cells. As well as MIT and Boston Children’s hospital treating animals with blood sugar problems using stem cells to maintain healthy blood sugar with new beta cells that were impervious to immune responses. Northwestern University treated patients with their own stem cells with results showing 87% of the subjects ability to produce insulin was completely restored, and results 5 years later were maintained from a single one time dose.

This is just a small sampling of stem cell boosting foods and studies that suggest one conclusion: stem cells are beneficial to blood sugar struggles with top universities such as Harvard, MIT, Northwestern, Stanford, UCSF, Johns Hopkins, North Carolina, and Salk Institute all conducting studies to support it.

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