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Proposed Texas Laws Will Demand Safety Studies For Vaccines

1 year, 2 months ago

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Posted on Apr 27, 2019, 12 a.m.

The proposed new laws would demand legitimate safety studies for all vaccines, and they are facing strong opposition from the vaccine industry and lobbyists. Legislators have introduced several new vaccine measures (links are provided below), one of them being S.B.2350 which would mandate the need for legitimate new vaccine safety studies, and the legislators are also pushing to ensure no parent is forced to vaccinate their children in the state of Texas.

The vaccine industry and lobbyists say vaccine science is infallible, well this could be put to the test if the new proposed Texas laws pass: as they stand the new proposed Lone Star State regulations would mandate sufficient time for vaccine side effects to be observed post vaccination in safety studies, and it would demand that all vaccines be evaluated for their ability to cause cancer, fertility issues, neurological changes and other unintended consequences. 

Texas Senator Bob Hall has introduced S.B.2350 which would mandate the necessity of legitimate safety studies before a vaccine can be administered by any healthcare provider, and it would strengthen vaccine safety requirements and how safety studies are performed. Representative Bill Zedler has also introduced the bill H.B.4274 which will require healthcare providers to obtain informed consent before administering a vaccine.

Zedler believes no one should be forced to vaccinate, and people should have the freedom to choose which vaccinations, if any, they get. This proposed informed consent bill will require healthcare providers to give parents/guardians information on the risks and benefits of vaccination and a list of ingredients in each and every vaccine administered, which includes information from the federal “no-fault” National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 and what recourse patients have in the event of vaccine injury must also be disclosed.

In addition to S.B.2350 and H.B.4274 Representative Matt Krause is also designing a new bill called H.B.1490 meant to simplify the process of filing a vaccine exemption. Under this the Texas Department of State Health Services would also be prohibited from maintaining a record of vaccine exemptions, and it would make it easier for residents to obtain an exemption form.

S.B. 2350:

H.B. 4274:

H.B. 1490:

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