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Probiotic Experts Launch Startup Diving Into The Wellness Market

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Posted on Jul 14, 2020, 8 p.m.

An enterprise startup focused on microbiome health has launched its first products and is hoping to tap into the burgeoning wellness market geared at growing beauty from within and women’s health markets. 

LAC2Biome was launched near the end of 2019 by CEO Lasse Nagell and director of global business development Luc Monbourquette; the pair have over 35 years of combined knowledge of the market, and they chose what they considered to be the most appealing areas for health with their probiotic solutions across Europe, America, and China. Nagell explains that the company was founded because they saw ample opportunity in the bacterial space, particularly in the non-pharmaceutical applications. 

“Beauty from within and women’s health are two areas with a lot of growing science and a lot of opportunity, and so these are the areas we have chosen to concentrate on first, but we will continue to follow the science and see what other opportunities arise as we look to expand our range of finished products for companies in this space,” says Nagell who goes on to add; “Our aim is to provide solutions backed by science, backed without sales and marketing expertise and our strong network on this market.”

The business partners believe that they can bring better evidence based solutions to the probiotic supplements market due to the science to support these products developing at a rapid pace, which according to Nagell is especially the case with products focusing on skin health. 

Only a few products focus on delivering live bacteria into skincare solutions primarily due to technical challenges in high moisture formulations. With LAC2Biome’s knowledge and network we will bring solutions to this category that will help address some of these core technical challenges. We are very excited about the potential in both these spaces globally,” said Nagell.

The duo have also just acquired their first probiotic strains and associated IP from SOFAR; this acquisition includes Lactobacillus paracasei (LPC-S01) which has support from a placebo controlled crossover study that suggests daily intake can benefit the vaginal microbial ecosystem as the population of the beneficial bacteria increases and lowers the concentration of certain pathogens. 

“Based on expanding scientific understanding of this specific microbial ecosystem, the study focused on modulating the vaginal microbiome and showed an increase in key Lactobacilli such as L.crispatus while working at decreasing problematic pathogenic bacteria”

“This type of study design helps illustrate the potential benefit in balancing the vaginal microbiome with L.paracasei, LPC-S01, which has been shown to be important in helping address a number of vaginal issues.”

The entrepreneurs have also acquired 2 trademarked strains from the Lactobacillus genus: m.biomeLIVESKIN88 and LATENTSKIN99 which are thought to provide skin health benefits; this acquisition will be eventually be utilized to launch a studied skincare product that guarantees the delivery of high concentrations of their strain m.biomeLIVESKIN88.

“The in vitro data generated on the full formulation, though not yet published, has shown benefits in some key areas that we believe are very relevant for the skincare space. While our focus remains on delivering solutions for skincare applications with live bacteria we also see a solid trend utilizing (inactivated) bacteria and here we plan to also support this ever expanding space without studied strain LATENTSKIN99.”

“We understand this space remains in its infancy but we see LAC2Biome well positioned on our knowledge and network in microbial solutions to support and help guide this ever expanding area.”

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