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Preventing Disease

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Posted on Apr 01, 2008, 7 a.m. By Sarah Reiss

Anti-Aging tips specifically aimed at disease prevention. Part of the 101 Anti-Aging Tips series.

Cardiovascular Disease

70. DHEA as Heart Protector
71. Vitamin C as Heart Protector
72. The Mediterranean Diet reaffirmed as heart-healthy
73. An aspirin a day keeps the attack away
74. Go nutty

Alzheimer's Disease

75. Low bone mass correlated to Alzheimer's
76. Lithium shows promise in treating AD
77. Depression predisposes AD
78. Copper may precipitate AD
79. Infections cause mental decline


80. Whey (see 'Food Facts' #6) protein may help protect the body from prostate cancer
81. Finasteride, a testosterone-lowering drug, lowered prostate cancer risk by 25%
82. A human trial of a new experimental vaccine 'a type of gene therapy' for prostate cancer
83. Too much zinc may be increasing their risk of developing prostate cancer
84. Lifetime risk of female cancers
85. Women with high levels of plasma cysteine, were 56% less likely to develop breast cancer
86. Extra intake of the trace element selenium
87. Soy-based isoflavones and lignans, reduced the risk of endometrial cancer
88. Minimize consumption of alcohol, avoid salad dressings, margarines, and other foods high in soybean oil
89. Innovative Nutritional Discoveries Relating to Cancer Prevention & Treatment
90. Vitamin C cuts secondhand smoking cancer risk
91. Green tea a potent cancer fighter
92. 'Beans, Beans, Good for the Heart'!
93. Berry good for you
94. Cure-cumin for Cancer?

Cerebrovascular Incidents

95. Chronic headaches may predict men's stroke risk
96. Rum & cola Rx
97. Rescuing brain cells from death


98. Be more sensitive
99. Eat smart
100. Take your multivitamin
101. Jokesters welcome

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