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Natural Remedies For Pain And Infection

3 years, 9 months ago

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Posted on Dec 24, 2019, 2 p.m.

During emergency and high stress situations you may experience a higher risk for physical injury, which may be made worse by the lack of conventional medical facilities or supplies. If the event happens to be a disaster the chances of stores being ransacked are very high leaving you with only the bounty of nature to suit your needs, making knowledge of various natural remedies important.

In some cases rather than spending hard earned dollars on prescription or over the counter medicines you may be able to take advantage of natural remedies and keep them on hand for times of need, such as when you are going camping. There is a wealth of medicinal plants that carry health benefits and healing properties that can help to get you through a variety of injuries and illnesses.

Angry Bear’s Paw was used during WWII to help treat wounded and dying soldiers, and the Comanche natives used it long before battles so their warriors could continue to fight despite sustaining wounds. It is made from wild lettuce/Lactuca virosa and it contains pain relieving and sedative properties as well as being able to fight off insomnia and relaxation for anxiety and spasms.

To make this concoction grind up wild lettuce leaves to boil until they turn into a brown substance, strain the liquid and put on low heat for 2-3 hours until it becomes dark and gluey; it can take up to 4-5 hours to finish the entire process to benefit from the healing effects.

Log Man’s Mending Fur/Old Man’s Beard is a potent antibiotic that is made from medicinal lichen called Usnea barbata which is full of usnic acid and considered to be a powerful antibiotic and antifungal chemical traditionally used as bandages to heal wounds and help prevent infection; it is effective against pathogenic fungi as well as certain bacteria such as streptococcus and staphylococcus.

To make this concoction grind one ounce of Usnea barbata and place it in a jar, add 5 ounces of vodka and put the mixture on low heat for 2 hours. Let it rest for 24 hours after which you will have a fresh batch of Log Man’s Mending fur at the ready.

Red Beak Powder is made from the herb Crataegus/Hawthorn, it is utilized for a variety of therapeutic purposes for decades. The herb is suggested to hold potential to be used as a remedy for cardiovascular disease according to a study published in the journal Pharmacognosy Review; the plant assists in melting away cholesterol deposits in the arteries which may in turn lower blood pressure.

To make this concoction gather Hawthorn tree berries and remove the seeds, add water then blend until it becomes a mixture, then place in a tray and let dry inside an oven heated to 200 degrees Fahrenheit with the door open; this can also be done inside a dehydrator for 8-10 hours. The resulting powder can be placed in capsules to be taken with water to cleanse blood vessels

Knowing what to do in an emergency situation may be invaluable, perhaps it may be worth looking up some more natural remedies before your next adventure into the wilderness to go camping, hiking, to keep in the car first aid box, or even for those who are bio-preppers.

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