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Mountain Ginseng Properties Examined

1 year ago

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Posted on Feb 12, 2019, 6 p.m.

Many ancient Chinese medicines are known to be effective, but are not commonly understood. Among those are the root of mountain ginseng which is popular for its pharmacological like properties.

Mountain ginseng can carry an expensive price tag, which is most likely due to it being quite scarce, making it a bit inaccessible to those who may benefit from it. Now there are known alternatives for it such as cultured roots from mountain ginseng tissue. Keeping this in mind researchers worked to find out how effective these alternatives can be when it comes to providing similar benefits.

A team of researchers set out to work together to determine effects of the water extract of cultured roots of mountain ginseng and its major compound ginsenoside RE on melanin synthesis in MSH stimulated mouse melanoma B16BL6 cells, and how it might affect the well being of those who use them in certain amounts.

CRMG and RE was found to possess potential melanogenic activities, and could be used as anti-melanogenic cosmeceutical agents. A number of tests were conducted to determine adverse and positive effects of RE and CRMG, neither of them were found to have any significant cytotoxic effect at 100 g/mL.

Mountain ginseng and RE have previously been shown to have anti-cancer properties, while the researchers were hoping to add to the growing body of evidence supporting the hypothesis they note that further studies are required to provide conclusive proof.

The consensus was that ginseng carries some risks but does offer a long list of health benefits such as boosting energy, improved mental focus and brain function, cancer prevention, enhanced immune system activity, lower blood sugar levels, weight control, alleviation of menstrual pain, and improved bedroom performance.

If it was not effective ginseng would not have survived for thousands of years as a supplement that is often referred to as an effective tool for improving moods, boosting health, and promoting a better sense of overall well being.

Ginseng is only meant to be taken if it is something that works with past or present medical conditions, and it is recommended to consult a healthcare professional for advice before taking any supplements including ginseng to make sure you can enjoy the benefits without running into any issues.

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