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Men Are Dying Faster

7 months, 1 week ago

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Posted on Nov 19, 2018, 12 a.m.

Aside from the many videos and pictures showing men taking bigger risks, doing dangerous and not so smart things adding to the reasons why women live longer, there are actual medical reasons that go along with this.

Most men will have a hard time remembering when the last time they went to see a doctor, although they really shouldn’t as men do typically die faster. Most deaths can be attributed to the same four diseases, most of these conditions are more common in men than women, but they are not just the obvious prostate cancer and sexual issues.

Any doctor should be able to say what the four other specific illnesses are that put men on the fast track to premature death. Unfortunately it would seem a lot of doctor’s these days aren’t worth their co-pays. We’ve collected a short list of these conditions all men should look out for, to help protect yourself and loved ones.

Senior men are twice as likely to get melanoma skin cancer. By the age of 80 men are three times as likely to develop it. It’s not really that surprising given that men tend to work outside more, are less likely to use skin protection, and don’t get regular check ups. Make sure to check skin on a regular basis for abnormal moles and growths, if caught early melanoma can be removed waiting too long gives it opportunity to spread.

Kidney stones are tiny rocks that collect in the kidneys that can cause pain, typically on one side of the body, if left untreated they can lead to life threatening infections. Avoid too much coffee, and drinking plenty of water each day can help prevent kidney stones, ensuring you get enough vitamin C will help break them up.

Gout attacks happens when the body becomes overloaded with uric acid which can be caused by too much red meat, shellfish, sugary beverages, fructose, and excess alcohol. Gout alone can’t kill you but it causes extreme joint pain and increases risk of heart disease and deadly infections.

Liver and kidney cancer can often be mistaken for back pain. Liver cancer is three times more common in men as they are typically exposed to more cancer causing chemicals. Signs of kidney cancer may include lower back pain, blood in urine, a lump on the lower back, fatigue, weight loss, and a persistent fever. Avoiding processed foods and those loaded with added sugars, sweeteners, and other toxins can help prevent kidney and liver cancer.

If any of these symptoms are experienced it is worth reporting them to a qualified medical professional immediately to get checked out, don’t be afraid to ask to be tested for these conditions more often, especially if you feel that you are at risk.

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