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Less Than Half Of Americans In Relationships Rate Their Sex Life As Excellent

1 year, 3 months ago

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Posted on Apr 11, 2023, 11 a.m.

Only 36% of Americans currently in relationships rate that their sex life is excellent, according to a random double opt-in survey commissioned by LELO and conducted by OnePoll of 5,000 Americans evenly split by state.

Finding love in 2023 may be tougher than ever according to the results of this survey. New Hampshire may be the best place to look for long-term relationships as this state had the highest number of respondents reporting having a relationship that lasted at least 15 years. On the flip side, only 1 in 5 of all respondents report that they have never been in a relationship that has lasted longer than 3 years. 

The results also revealed that the average person has most likely only seriously dated 4 people in their lifetime, with respondents from the state of Illinois being found to have had the most serious relationships throughout their lifetime. 

38% of all respondents reported that people start dating at an earlier age now than when they did, and 50% of those from Massachusetts and 50% of those from Wyoming report noticing this trend in the earlier start of dating where they live more so. 

45% of all respondents report that they have moved to a new state in part to try and improve their love life. Where they moved to appears to depend on what they were looking for with 35% of those in Utah reporting to most likely identify as being hopeless romantics, followed by 34% of those from Oklahoma, 32% of those from West Virginia, 32% from Pennsylvania and 32% of those from Missouri. Whereas 36% of those from Georgia and 28% of those from California report that they are more likely to identify as being the jealous type. 

The odds don’t appear to be exactly good for those looking for a faithful partner according to these findings with 21% of all respondents reporting that they have cheated on their partner, and it appears as if the state of Wisconsin has the most people with wandering eyes as 52% those respondents admitted to cheating on their partners. 

“We recognize that relationships are highly individualized and can vary widely across different regions and cultures,” says chief marketing officer at LELO, Luka Matutinovic, in a statement. “There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to love and pleasure, as every couple has its own unique set of needs and desires. Whether seeking a traditional monogamous partnership or exploring alternative forms of intimacy, everyone should be free to express themselves and pursue their version of happiness.”

According to this study, on average Americans report going on dates twice a week. Going out for dinner topped the list as being a favorite date activity with 46% of all respondents reporting enjoying doing so, 28% report liking a night in together, and 22% reported preferring to go to the movies. 

Being intimate is still important to Americans since the average person appears to have sex at least 3 times a week, with 24% saying that they have sex most nights which is particularly so in California as 46% of those respondents and 44% of those from Oklahoma reporting have a roll in the sheets on most nights. 

Only 36% of all respondents would rate their sex life as being excellent. 58% of those from Louisiana, 54% of those from South Carolina, and 50% of those from Delaware think that they have the best sex lives, with 29% reporting that they became intimate with their current partner within a month of starting their relationship while 31% of those from Utah were most likely to have waited for at least one year. 

74% of all respondents believe that it is important for couples to openly talk about and explore their desires and preferences. But only 1 in 7 will talk about their kinks, fetishes, and risque preferences with their partners within the first month of a relationship. 20% of all respondents like to partake in some dirty talk, and 11% like to be either dominant or submissive with their partners. Adult toys are becoming more accepted and mainstream in relationships with 63% of all respondents reporting using them to shake things up in the bedroom, 16% like to use vibrating underwear, 15% enjoy using vibrating toys, and 14% admit that they have brought swings into the mix to enhance their sensual adult bedroom playtime. 

“Maintaining a healthy and fulfilling sex life is essential in some relationships, particularly for couples who are together for a significant time,” says Matutinovic. “Introducing toys into intimate experiences can help to reignite the passion, add variety, and enhance overall satisfaction. Whether exploring new sensations, experimenting with your partner, or simply prioritizing your pleasure, incorporating pleasure products can be a game-changer.”

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