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Introducing the Co-Branded Newsletter Marketing Tool

5 years ago

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Posted on Jul 13, 2017, 11 a.m.

The Co-Branded Newsletter is being offered to all affiliated members for free as a reward for your patronage.

This one of a kind, powerful marketing tool is designed to give our subscribers the benefit of the “first in class” editorial and writing staff of the Longevity Magazine, the “true voice” in preventative, regenerative, intrinsic, and anti-aging medicine for the past 25 years.

“At we really want to give back to our loyal readers. We understand everyone has choices. Doctors and other healthcare professionals once belonged to multiple associations, from the AMA to the PTA. It’s expensive, and what do you actually get out of it? We at WHN get it,” stated Dr. Ronald Klatz, President of the A4M. “To produce a good newsletter, with fresh scientific, and fun to read content is no easy task. WHN has half a dozen paid writers, multiple A4M member contributors, and a full-time editor. How many doctors, personal trainers, or “mom and pop” entrepreneurs have the countless hours of time to spare or the $1,000’s each week it requires to put out a Longevity newsletter of this type? Most large companies can’t effectively put out weekly newsletters. If they do put out a newsletter, it’s usually monthly, and it’s not interactive, and responsive like the Longevity Magazine eJournal”

The WHN Co-Branded Newsletter is designed to help our readers, the members of the A4M, or other groups looking to affiliate with WHN keep in touch, and in the “face” of their own audience. WHN realizes many of our readers have their own business ventures, their own practices, and their own dreams. However, it’s getting harder and harder to keep yourself, your company, your message, or your products in front of your consumers with so much competition and visual stimuli from the Amazons, the vitamin companies, the pharmaceutical industry, and the daily talk shows. They are all pushing something. There is an old saying: When you are Out of Sight, you are Out of Mind. The Co-Branded Newsletter is a good way to stay in front of you friends, family, patients, customers, or potential clients on a weekly, non-evasive basis.

You can have as little or as much editorial review and basically control over the content that is published in your Co-Branded Newsletter each week. If you want, you can simply set your Co-Branded Newsletter on autopilot. Once you put in your bio, and maybe a picture, your newsletter will automatically go out once a week, or you can edit your newsletter every week. You can select 5 articles that were posted on over the last 30 days, and deselect articles you don’t want to be on your newsletter. You can even submit articles to WHN for our editor to review. Once again, this will be your newsletter. It will have no other ads or logos on it unless you choose to participate in an “opt-in” program such as Telemed Concierge, and other possible products to help you enhance your income or your business. You have the control over your newsletter. WHN has even integrated a contact page to help make sure you can track readers that are reaching out to you.

The Co-Branded Newsletter is a benefit that no other website affiliated with a medical association, and no other pioneering health informational blog has ever offered to any of its affiliated members or subscribers for free. The Co-Branded Newsletter is being offered to all affiliated members free of charge as a reward for your patronage. What you can do to help WHN is help us spread the message  as WHN continues to revolutionize anti-aging, preventative, regenerative, and other “do no harm” therapies, medicines, be they natural or due to the advent of new technologies, as WHN looks to spread its message across the World’s Health Net. 

For more information regarding how to register for the Co-Branded Newsletter, and to participate in the Co-Branded Newsletter eThursday weekly Webinar, email

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