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Holistic Anti-Aging Skin Care: What To Look For In A Product

2 years ago

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Posted on Aug 25, 2019, 6 p.m.

The natural and holistic beauty space has emerged and is becoming more common place, in fact the organic beauty market is projected to hit $54 billion by 2027. Due to an increased demand for more sustainable and organic products the landscape of even skin care and beauty products is changing. 

More brands are beginning to incorporate eco-minded MO is some manner, whether it be through natural or cleaner ingredients, ethical manufacturing practices, or sustainable packaging, but the goal is always to a commitment to doing and providing better. 

Plant based/forward ingredients are now common beauty mainstays, and this changes makes perfect sense. We are moving back towards nourishing the skin with ingredients that can be found in nature, just as we are nourishing the body with more food sources that come from the Earth. Some iconic and best selling products are proof that plant rich skin care food sources can truly deliver on efficacy. 

As the plant forward space continues to grow and expand it may be a good time to look at some of the things to take into consideration of what to look for in a more sustainable skin care product, should you choose to purchase one.

Transparency is king in this area as well, do you know where the ingredients are coming from? Botanical ingredients should be able to be traced on their journey from harvest to skin application, so there should be certifications and seals to prove that this brand upholds ethical and sustainable standards on its products, which will certify the stages of journey from cultivation, harvesting, to processing of the natural ingredients right up to the point of application. Using and sourcing the highest quality ingredients and developing close partnerships across the supply chain is important to a good product. 

Along with transparency you should be able to read if the product has been created without harmful chemicals, which is one of the biggest forces behind the move to more natural skin care. The big red flag should be if there are too many unpronounceable, complicated, and chemically filled ingredients on the product that you are considering putting onto your precious skin. 

Modern holistic skin care has a no go list, this refers to a standard of clean skin care using products that have been created without using certain irritating ingredients, dyes, fragrances, harmful silicones, as well as endocrine disrupting chemicals such as phthalates, and synthetic shelf life preservatives and extenders like parabens. Seals and certifications can also help you to identify which products are living up to what they suggests they are made of and are free of unwanted chemicals. 

To ensure that you are getting the most out of a skin care product a quick look at the company’s research and methodology behind their products and formula development will help you to grasp what has and has not gone into the product. Simply being natural is not enough, the company should be using ingredients that have been shown to be effective, to be able to work with the body’s natural processes, and be focussed on the proven regenerative benefits of each ingredient. They should have selected flowers, fruits, roots, leaves, extracts, and essential oils that are blended to work with your body which have been chosen for their benefits based on studies including optimal harvest times so they will be the most potent before starting the journey from source to your skin. 

Plant rich and nature based health remedies have been around since ancient times, and scientific research is continuing to provide proof to back up what we have known since these ancient times, that natural ingredients can be used to effectively address our skin concerns producing high performing results. 

Nature is vast, powerful, and is nothing short of being miraculous. Just as you take the time to learn about what you put into your body, take the time to learn more about what you are about to put onto your skin, and you will see that holistic products work in harmony with your skin’s inner nature to provide the best skin care, anti-aging, and regenerative results to once more show that nature does nurture life.

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