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Garlic May Help To Rid Corns & Warts

12 months ago

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Posted on Aug 13, 2019, 3 p.m.

Warts and corns are some of the most common conditions to plague the skin. Warts are caused by a virus, while corns are caused by repetitive actions that cause too much pressure and friction. According to a study published in the International Journal of Dermatology garlic showed biological activities as a topical treatment which helped patients to have partial or full recoveries from their skin conditions of warts and corns.

Extracts from peeled garlic using 2 different solvents were used to work with patients with warts and corns who were divided into 3 groups; one with 28 patients having 2-96 warts, a group of 9 having 1-2 corns, and a group of 5 patients with 7-35 warts as the control group. Participants were asked to apply a water extract of garlic to their warts two times a day in the first phase of the trial. During the second phase the 2 groups applied a fat soluble garlic extract to their warts or corns twice a day, while the control group applied a chloroform and methanol solution with a ratio of 2:1 for 20 days. 

Treatment with water extracts of garlic for 30-40 days were reported to eliminate small warts and partially improve appearance of larger warts; 2 months of treatment was enough for patients to achieve partial recovery.

23 patients with 2-96 warts and 9 patients with 1-2 corns received a fat soluble garlic extract treatment; after 1-2 weeks complete recovery was reported in patients with warts, and all but 2 patients with corns showed complete recovery. The optimal period of treatment for corns using the fat soluble garlic extract was found to be between 10-20 days. 

The control group showed no improvements with warts or corns. Follow up was conducted after 3-4 months and no recurrence of warts were found among those treated with garlic extracts, suggesting this method is more effective than most modern treatments. 

Based on their findings it was concluded that fat soluble garlic extract is an effective natural treatment for corns and warts, which was attributed to its known biological activities including being anti-viral, anti-tumor, immunomodulatory, and fibrinolytic. 

Not only does garlic make most dishes taste better it carries numerous health benefits such as its potent anti-microbial activities making it a good option to help treat common skin conditions. To benefit the most from its therapeutic properties perhaps you should consider adding garlic to be a part of your regular diet.

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