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Stem Cell Research

DenovoMATRIX And Cellect Team Up For Stem Cell Research

10 months, 2 weeks ago

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Posted on Jul 11, 2018, 11 p.m.

TU Dresden group denovoMatrix and Cellect Biotechnology have teamed up to explore the possibilities of the combinations of their stem cell technologies. A stem cell product development agreement will be sought after should experiments be deemed successful.

Israel based Cellect Biotechnology is building its business around ApoGraft which is an apoptosis driven approach to separating stems cells from mature cells. Harvesting pure populations of stem cells is believed to be able to enable creation of cell therapies that can escape attention of the host immune system, enabling safe, effective allogeneic and haploidentical treatment.


Tu Dresden’s group denovoaMATRIX is working on developing a biomimetic coating for use in cell cultures and a cell culture plate for testing extracellular matrix factors.


It is thought that combining respective technologies working in collaboration could improve stem cell section and expansion. DenovoMATRI will be running a series of experiments to test this idea out of Cellect’s R&D facility, perceived success of experiments will dictate whether the project will move forward or not, with the responsibility of ruling whether experiments succeed falling solely in Cellect, giving them the power to decide whether to enter into negotiations around a mutual development or call time on the collaboration once the experiments are done.


Collaboration could advance in parallel to Cellect’s attempts to establish its technology as an enabler of stem cell therapies, they wish to support efforts with their technology rather than compete with other developers of these therapies. Apograft A phase ½ trial evaluating the ability of Apograft to prevent acute graft vs host disease is currently underway. Understandibly shares in Cellect climbed 5% in premarket trading following release of this rather promising news.

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