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Common Reasons Why You May Feel Tired All The Time

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Posted on Mar 07, 2018, 6 p.m.

Do you wake up feeling tired even though you’ve turned off all the electronic devices, ate at a decent hour before bedtime, and turned off the lights to go to bed at a reasonable hour? That feeling of tiredness that looms over like an ominous cloud is all but too familiar to many. When the body feels tired focusing becomes all but impossible, emotions run amok as in a-muck drawing you in, and the day seems to draw on and on creeping slowly almost in a stand still. Sometimes even if you do take all the right steps to try and avoid exhaustion, those steps inevitably land you right back into the exhaustion zone.

Dehydration is one of the scariest causes of being tired all the time as it is not always detected and can sneak up on you in a bad way if you are not aware of the symptoms. When your body becomes dehydrated because it doesn’t have enough water, the body will feel fatigued and will not be able to function properly. Even just being partially dehydrated can alter moods, energy levels, and affect the ability to think clearly.


Being anemic can also be frustrating and hard to notice the symptoms, no amount of water, sleep, exercise or anything you try will shake the lackluster. Anemia occurs when the body has lower than normal levels of red blood cells and is a result of a low supply oxygen reaching tissues and cells throughout the body. Anemia is associated with low folate, vitamin B12 and iron levels. Anemia can easily be fixed with diet adjustments consuming foods rich in folate, vitamin B12, and iron. Consuming foods rich in vitamin C such as green leafy vegetables and citrus fruits with high levels of folate and iron will help iron absorption.


Chronic fatigue is closely associated with depression that can strike at any time when a person feels sad, anxious, or hopelessness for long periods of time. The sleep issues are typically categorized as sleep apnea or insomnia. One suffering from depressions may feel tired even if not exerting very much energy at all during the day. Deep breathing exercises, yoga, and stretching may help ease sleep related symptoms, so may avoiding naps, turning off electronic devices, and going to bed at a reasonable time, and developing a routine. If you are suffering from depression help is out there, please contact someone, never suffer alone.


A primary culprit for a rollercoaster ride of exhaustion is junk foods. Consuming sugary foods and drinks make blood sugar levels spike incredibly high followed by a tiring crash afterwards. Processed foods with simple carbohydrates and added sugar throw blood sugar levels off kilter, levels become imbalanced when too much sugar is ingested the bloodstream, it responds quickly by creating a sugar high, to level out you need to reduce sugar intake. Glucose imbalance could have something to do with that tired feeling if your diet is mainly unhealthy.


Sedentary lifestyles add to that tired feeling, more than you would think. Just because a person sits for work all day does not mean they fall into that lifestyle, however “exercise can wait, I’d rather watch tv” mentality does. Screen time is a significant factor to sedentary lifestyles keeping people parked on their butts rather than being mobile and venturing out of the house to engage with other people and activities, leading to increasing rates of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, some cancers and obesity. All that sitting also leaves a person open to chronic cases of laziness and declined energy. A simple walk around the block can go a long way to improving mood, and increasing energy levels. Ideally it is recommended to get in 30 minutes 5 times a week of moderate activity. Start slowly and work your way up starting with simple walks, try taking the stairs, biking, skating, swimming, or tennis. The key is to find something you like and stick with it, soon enough your energy levels will return as you gain stamina and shake those blah humbug tired feelings.


Recognizing the feelings and cause of fatigue is the first step in improving your energy levels, and who wouldn’t want to, feeling tired all the time is lame and can put a real damper on your life. Drink more water, increase the amounts of fruits and vegetables you eat, put down the electronic devices go outside and enjoy, take some time to yourself and laugh, participate in physical activities to spike energy levels with the body, and hopefully soon enough those feeling will be gone. If it continues on be sure to seek medical advice as there may be other underlying causes, and it is always best to ask and be safe, it’s your health at risk.



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