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Clown Around

9 months, 2 weeks ago

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Posted on Jul 01, 2020, 5 p.m.

Article courtesy of : Nicholas DiNubile MD, who is devoted to keeping you healthy in body, mind, and spirit.

“A clown is like an aspirin, only he works twice as fast” ~ Groucho Marx

When I was a child there was always a Reader’s Digest around the house. One section of jokes, “laughter, the best medicine” always puzzled me. It didn’t make much sense and I never could make the connection between laughing and healing.

Many years later, an M.D. degree, and after treating thousands of patients, I think I now get it. Laughter can be a positive force in maintaining and regaining your health.

We all know that a good laugh reduces stress and also can serve as a distraction in our all too serious, often tragic modern world. It helps recharge your inner battery. I have found that “happier” patients seem to do better with a variety of medical and surgical ailments.

Science also supports a good laugh. Researchers at the Mayo Clinic found that optimism is associated with both living longer and better general health. At Duke University, cheerful cardiac patients had better survival rates than those with sour grapes. At U.C. Irvine it was shown that even anticipating that something funny was about to happen resulted in lowering blood cortisol levels (stress hormone) and raised levels of the good guys, endorphins and growth hormones.

Laughter clearly benefits both the mind and body. Laughter has been shown to reduce stress levels, relieve pain, improve sleep patterns, lower blood pressure, and boost immunity. It might even lower the risk of certain cancers. Are you laughing yet? There is actually a medical group named “The Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor” which is a non-profit dedicated to the study and application of humor to effect positive change. 

There are many opportunities to find room for some humor in your life. It works best when shared and should never be at another’s expense. You can even join a laughter club at


Have a good laugh today. Catch a funny movie, a comedy act or just call a friend who knows how to find your funny bone.

Author Bio:

Among his many accomplishments, Dr. Nicholas DiNubile, is Vice President of the A4M, an orthopedic surgeon specializing in sports medicine, best selling author, keynote speaker, and one of our esteemed medical editors who is dedicated to keeping you healthy in body, mind and spirit. Dr. DiNubile was appointed Special Advisor to the President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports (1st Bush Administration with Arnold Schwarzenegger as Chairman). He has advised two United States Presidents on matters of health and health policy, and has cared for numerous celebrities and high level athletes.

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