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Clearing The Body Of Toxins

1 year, 5 months ago

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Posted on Mar 31, 2019, 9 p.m.

Most people have heard of chemtrails, but most don’t know much about them. Some claim they know exactly what they are, some claim they are fodder for conspiracy theorists, and others adamantly insist they are real and pose a serious health risk.

Those who believe chemtrails are dangerous are adamant these are clouds of chemicals being dispelled into the air in attempts by the government and agencies to control the weather, create rain in needed areas, or even dim the sun to combat global warming. Chemtrails are believed to be toxic, man made clouds containing high levels of heavy metals including the likes of arsenic, aluminum, and mercury. Chemtrails/clouds are also referred to as geoengineering/stratospheric aerosol injection activities and they have been widely discussed in scientific literature.

Chemtrails remain in the sky after certain planes fly overhead, but should not to be confused with contrails which are trials of condensed water seen as white streaks behind aircraft which are different; the noticeable difference being contrails dissipate rather quickly, whereas chemtrails linger in the sky and spread out to look like a cloud, even when there are no real clouds in the sky.

Government officials typically refuse to make comments, but in 2016 a NASA scientist admitted lithium was being put into rocket exhaust by the agency so it can be dispersed into the atmosphere since the1970s, insisting lithium was not dangerous. In a press release CIA director John Brennan openly talked about using stratospheric aerosol injection/geoengineering as well.

The debate still continues as many believe the government surely would not do anything to harm us or the planet we need to survive, let alone withhold information from the general public.

Whether one believes chemtrails are real or not all of us are exposed to toxic chemicals on a daily basis, detoxifying these with natural remedies may be of benefit to all. According to Waking Times there are at least 5 natural weapons that can be used to help rid the body of these chemical poisons and those released in the atmosphere.

Selenium binds to mercury to help pull it from your tissues to be excreted. This is a trace mineral that promotes optimal functioning of the body with its antioxidant properties that can help to protect against damaging effects of exposure to pesticides and heavy metals.

Chlorella is a single cell microalga that binds to heavy metals in the digestive tract to help purify the body from toxins absorbed through breathing in contaminated air and from drinking impure water.

In a similar manner to chlorella Spirulina helps to detoxify the digestive system, but it goes one step further to alkalize the body and protect against acidic environmental toxins that cause disease.

Milk thistle contains silybin which supports functioning of the liver which is responsible for detoxification that is essential when being exposed to harmful substances on a daily basis to help prevent it from becoming overwhelmed and sluggish.

Many organic foods can also help to flush the body of toxic chemicals and heavy metals such as probiotic foods, ginger, citrus foods, cilantro, garlic, and foods rich in alpha lipoic acids like broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and peas.

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