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Cannabidiol (CBD) Inflammation Stress

CBD Enthusiast's Guide To CBD Hemp Flower Basics

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Posted on May 14, 2021, 2 p.m.

The most renowned way to consume CBD is through vape juice, edibles, or CBD oil. However, another less widespread and uncommon way of consuming CBD is via hemp flower or CBD buds. But you may wonder what is hemp flower, what are some crucial benefits of using it, and how should we use it? All these are frequent questions that are in the guide to follow.

What is a CBD hemp flower?

The guide must start by acknowledging the most fundamental question - what is CBD hemp flower? The other necessary question that sticks with it is, "what is the major difference between hemp flower and regular weed?" Both plants are the same species, legally hemp is defined as a cannabis plant that contains 0.3% or less THC, but regular weed/marijuana is a cannabis plant that contains more than 0.3% THC. However, CBD can be derived from both hemp and marijuana plants. Both of them usually smell and taste alike. Thus, it can be challenging and complex to tell the difference between them. One significant difference of regular weed coming from a marijuana plant is that it consists of higher THC levels, this a psychoactive compound that creates an increased effect, while hemp does not produce enough THC to create intoxicating effects. 

Another difference between hemp and marijuana has to do with cultivation and harvesting: male hemp plants flower faster than females but they do not produce as much fiber, this is in contrast to marijuana which seeks to use mostly female plants with sporadically placed males for pollination. Additionally, hemp plants are typically cultivated outside, while marijuana plants are typically planted in greenhouses or indoor grow operations. 

CBD flowers come from the female hemp plant which once ripened produces a bud that contains terpenes and cannabinoids, but have been bred to be high in CBD while being low in THC. Meaning that CBD flowers can help people to relax without the psychoactive effects. You can get CBD flowers online very easily and at reasonable rates. It contains flavonoids, cannabidiol, terpenes, and other compounds in the appropriate amounts. CBD is in the spotlight because of its numerous medicinal properties. Also, the hemp buds must pass a test in a third-party lab. You must browse and look for the results of such third-party lab tests on the vendor's website, no matter what.

Effects of consuming it:

CBD hemp flower is a non-psychoactive compound. Since there is a negligible amount of THC in the CBD hemp flower, they will not get you high as marijuana. The hemp flower buds consist of deficient levels of THC content. It is almost less than 0.3 %. Because of such little THC's presence, it might possibly lead to a bit of a buzzy effect. However, this is directly proportional to the quantity of hemp you are trying or willing to use or the human body's sensitivity. This buzz is not comparable to the high you receive from marijuana. Many people describe it as a feeling of relaxation that helps keep their minds clear.

The buzz from consuming it, for some, can generate energy in your body right after finishing it. However, this is dependent on the quality of strain and the reaction an individual has to it. Some users experience this buzzing feeling as a joyful and relaxing feeling. Experts strictly recommend starting with a low dosage to check out the acceptance and reaction of the body to such a regimen. Due to the low levels of THC, you may be able to consume it at any place that you are going, in places where it is legal, to enjoy the medicinal and therapeutic benefits. 

The guide to CBD hemp flowers:

The most substantial question in the minds of all the users is how to consume CBD Hemp flowers? Since there are multiple ways of consuming it, here are some of the most common methods- 

  •       Consuming it orally:

There are multiple ways to consume hemp flowers orally. It can be in the form of edibles, like cookies, or the state of capsules. It can also be in the form of edible drinks like CBD juice or CBD tea. The crucial thing is to decarb the hemp flower before using it in whatever manner.

  •       Consuming it in a smoke manner:

You can consume it just like you would do any other weed.

  •       Vaping: you can also use the technique of herb vape for the consumption of CBD in a manner other than the above two.

Buying high-grade hemp flower:

The most significant thing that can either make or ruin your experience is the quality of the hemp flower. Buying the best quality flower will act as an essential source of difference as to whether the flower will have any noticeable effects/benefits. There are all kinds of buyers and sellers in the offline or online market. It would be best if you kept a keen eye while purchasing it and choose a reputable supplier. Some deciding factors that you must pay extreme attention to are the following:

  •       The total content of CBD is a very qualitative indication. The hemp flower buds that consist of less than 11 % of CBD are of low quality. High-grade ones consist of preferably more than 10 % content of CBD for sure.
  •       The hemp buds must pass a test in a third-party lab. You must look for the results of such third-party lab tests on the vendor's website to ensure the product's quality.
  •       It would be best to check and go through the review section once. Get 100 % assurance that nobody manipulates you or reviews any condition.


In conclusion:

There are multiple ways to consume CBD, but the above guidelines must provide you numerous reasons for sticking to the flower one. There are various other names for such flowers, like CBD buds, CBD flowers, hemp buds, and a few more. These terms are increasingly gaining popularity day by day, as seen in the last few years, and it is in the spotlight because of its numerous medicinal properties like soothing muscle pain as well as helping to reduce depression and anxiety. The prime reason for a sudden rise in the demand and supply of the hemp flower could be its non-psychoactive properties. It is a perfect alternative to tobacco, and you can mix it in your marijuana shot sometimes as well. 

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