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Cannabis Coconut Oil

3 years, 7 months ago

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Posted on Feb 27, 2018, 8 p.m.

The combination of coconut oil and cannabis can be highly beneficial and powerful, it is able to help relieve pain, fight cancer, boost cognition, reduce inflammation, improve the immune system, protect the heart, decrease stress and anxiety, and increase metabolism. Cannabis coconut oil can be used in a variety of recipes and can be used as edible or topical forms in areas where cannabis has been legalized.

Cannabis has many places in the medical field because of its many health properties and has been proven in medical studies. A compound called THC-A converts THC which is a more powerful cannabinoid when heated, that bonds to fats, the contents of coconut oil allow for efficient bonding adding to the long list of coconut oil’s health properties such as boosting metabolism, increasing energy, and aiding in weight loss. Cannabis Coconut oil combines a wealth of benefits from each ingredient.


The healthy fats it contains are good forms of cholesterol that can help to lower the levels of bad cholesterol in the body, lower blood pressure and be a boost for cardiovascular health.


Inflammation associated with injuries and other conditions within the body can be soothed by the anti-inflammatory properties within it when applied topically, along with helping to clear up skin irritations.


This oil combination is able to stimulate metabolism of up to 3-4% when taken regularly which is the equivalent to about 100 calories per day.


The combination of oils can improve cognition by reducing oxidative stress in the brain, and may help to prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s disease, and be a powerful brain booster.


The combination has the potential to affect cancer prevention in a positive manner, as both oils are being researched heavily in terms of their effects on cancer and pain treatment.


This oil combination is also most beneficial in the treatment of pain, binding together to become more powerful and better able to function as an analgesic that unlike pharmaceuticals has very few side effects.


Some constituents of the combination can help to regulate hormones, and help to decrease stress and anxiety, and help with insomnia and sleep disorders.


Uses for cannabis coconut oil are seemingly endless, it can be added to morning tea or coffee, in a smoothie, salad, dressings, in sauces, pasta, stews and soups, and even scrambled eggs. Anything that you would normally use cooking oil for you can switch this is in as a replacement.


Keep in mind that pure THC can be powerful, and can give you the same effects as smoking marijuana. While adding it is hugely beneficial some care must be taken. It is also important that a creation of oil is made that is safe to consume so it must be in proper ratios following a strict recipe if making your own. Purchasing premade will have labelled content and potency to help you limit and even eliminate those effects.


Cannabis coconut oil capsule are popular for people who want to ingest it in discrete manner and benefit from the effects. They can be made at home following a strict recipe, but can be difficult making it easier just to purchase them.


Use of cannabis oil and its products are still banned and/or restricted in some countries, consult your local health specialist before use to see if it is right for you and legal.



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