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Boost From A Weekly Shag

1 year, 8 months ago

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Posted on Sep 18, 2018, 2 a.m.

A new study suggests that a weekly romp and roll under the sheets with a loved one can make you feel 15 times younger.

Over a period of a month, exercising 16 times, having a romp around at least 4 times, and taking either a holiday or mini break helped participants aged 50+ roll back the years in a study conducted by orthopaedic support firm Neo G. Petting animals, seeing friends, exercise, sports, arts, music, and spending time alone with their significant others also made participants feel younger. Participants that were the most active were found to feel more than 12 years younger than those who were less active.

People all around the globe have wanted to look younger and feel younger for centuries. When it comes to retaining youth it has been found that feeling younger on the inside is a fundamental factor, those who look and feel younger than their actual years have always been a mystery. Researchers hope that their findings have helped to identify some of the activities anyone can try to incorporate into their own lives.

What has been shown time and time again is the importance and need to keep looking after yourself. This study highlights the importance of taking the time to enjoy the best things in life no matter your age, whether it’s being active, spending time with loved ones, or that slap and tickle with your partner. Hopefully everyone can find something in the findings to implement into their lives to enjoy the benefits of feeling young at heart. 

"Very shagadelic baby, yeah!"  ~ Austin Powers

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