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BIOSLUDGE And Food Crops

2 years, 7 months ago

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Posted on Feb 03, 2019, 10 p.m.

Why is there not a Clean Soil Act? Both Clean Water Act and a Clean Air Act have been implemented by the Environmental Protection Agency, but there is nothing for clean soil.

Such an act would fundamentally change how wastewater is processed and recycled, and would require the EPA to come clean about the toxic composition of all the various chemicals and fertilizers being spread over the crops on North American soils, and would halt spread of sewage on food crops across America. A clean soil act would expose various environmental crimes within various levels of government agencies which are supposed to protect us, this act would force all truths to come out.

Many suggest bio-solid recycling is a toilet to farm scheme poisoning American gardens and farmlands, forcing people to consume their own waste. Bio-solids are processed and recycled at municipal wastewater treatment plants to be sold nationwide as fertilizers, they consist of an array of pharmaceuticals, agro-chemicals, industrial chemicals, household chemicals, pathogenic materials, and heavy materials. Many suggest that this biosludge remains toxic, and should never come into contact with any soils let alone those used to grow food.

Scientific experts break down what is happening to North American soils in a new documentary called Biosludged; and they show how this mass pollution scheme is making people chronically ill and mentally lobotomized. Former EPA scientist Dr. David Lewis reveals the extent of what could be seen as criminal activities and scientific fraud: fertilizer added to soils are inundating crops with disease promoting pathogens and a slew of chemicals that promote havoc on physiological processes of the human body.

Biosludged warns the food supply as it stands is at risk of being used as a vector for terrorist activity, as massive amounts of dangerous toxic chemicals can be flushed into sewage systems to be recycled as fertilizers for crops in fields; and can also become laced with bio weapons and microorganisms that can cause food poisoning as well as infectious disease.

All that waste being deposited onto crops ultimately releases chemicals into groundwater, meaning that people are literally regurgitating the toxic composition of their own waste, using water and fertilizer that has be recycled over and over again. Brain function, immune function, and fertility are directly affected by all these biosludge chemicals. All the agencies concerned with cancer marches and pink ribbon fundraisers should look at what is going on with the food supply, if a clean soil act were implemented we may not live in such as cancerous state. Let’s face it, it wouldn’t be the first time we’ve been mislead, the truth withheld, or been told false truths. Why is there not a Clean Soil Act as well, because there should be.

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