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Bio Patch to Regrow Bone

6 years, 6 months ago

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Posted on Nov 25, 2013, 6 a.m.

Novel DNA-seeded collagen platform delivers DNA directly to cells to promote bone growth.

Researchers from the University of Iowa (Iowa, USA) have created a bio patch to regenerate missing or damaged bone by putting DNA into a nano-sized particle that delivers bone-producing instructions directly into cells.  The bone-regeneration kit relies on a collagen platform seeded with particles containing the genes needed for producing bone. In experiments, the gene-encoding bio patch successfully regrew bone fully enough to cover skull wounds in test animals. It also stimulated new growth in human bone marrow stromal cells in lab experiments. The study is novel in that the researchers directly delivered bone-producing instructions (using piece of DNA that encodes for a platelet-derived growth factor called PDGF-B) to existing bone cells in vivo, allowing those cells to produce the proteins that led to more bone production.  The researchers believe the patch has several potential uses in dentistry. For instance, it could be used to rebuild bone in the gum area that serves as the concrete-like foundation for dental implants.  The study authors conclude that: “[these] scaffolds are effective for bone regeneration and are an attractive gene delivery system with significant potential for clinical translation.”

Elangovan S, D'Mello SR, Hong L, Ross RD, Allamargot C, Salem AK, et al.  “The enhancement of bone regeneration by gene activated matrix encoding for platelet derived growth factor.”  Biomaterials. 2014 Jan;35(2):737-47.

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