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Exercise Weight and Obesity

Arm Fat

5 years, 3 months ago

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Posted on Aug 26, 2018, 1 a.m.

Arm fat is one of those notoriously difficult frustrating areas to slim down. Flabby arms to some are an unsightly and embarrassing issue that affects millions of people around the globe. Depending on genetic makeup the body can chose to deposit fat in different areas, in many people fat appears to be directed immediately to the arms.

Whether weight has already been lost or there is still weight to go getting rid of flabby arms can be hard, and it is important to understand the potential causes and solutions. Poor diet, too much refined sugar, and lack of physical activity, among other things can contribute to arm fat. Controlling just where the body deposits fat may not be something that can be controlled but knowing where it comes from can make it easier to help avoid.

Excess of processed foods and refined sugar can make it hard for those foods to be processed into direct energy, the excess carbohydrates are stored as fat, and there is little control as to where that fat will be deposited.

If excess calories are not cut back on fat accumulation is inevitable that will make arm fat worse. Losing one lb is the equivalent to a calorie deficit of 3,500 calories. Consuming fewer calories than you burn a 500 calorie deficit per day could lead to losing 1 lb per week.

Losing any kind of fat typically will require exercise to build muscle and burn fat that will help you firm and tone the body which is required for elimination of arm fat.

Changing hormone levels can affect the body’s ability to burn fat effectively, imbalances can inhibit muscle growth and lead to arm fat.

Muscles begin to break down at a faster rate with age, as muscle tone disappears fat can begin to hang a bit looser on the arm, adding to the slow and steady effect gravity has on the unsupported arm areas. Stretching the arms at day start and end allows the muscles to warm up and prepare for the day as well as helps to prevent injuries, strains, and excess fat deposits.

Some of the best ways to combat and prevent arm fat include swimming, stretching, and a fat burning diet. Specific exercise regimens are needed to keep the arms in shape and drop excess fat as it develops. Exercises working the two primary muscle in the upper arm : Triceps and biceps are best to workout on a regular basis to eliminate arm fat including push-ups, dips, pull-ups, bicep curls, arm circles, and tricep kickback among others. Cardiovascular exercises such as swimming, running and biking can help to burn extra calories and help improve metabolism and muscle density to help burn even more calories and tighten up arm fat. If you can only fit in one exercise swimming is by far the best bet due to the nonimpact nature and ability to engage the entire body while strengthening the core, legs, and arm with constant activity to stay afloat.

Eating healthy isn’t good enough for this troublesome area, foods that specifically burn fat and help the body utilize energy without storing excess fat can help such as green tea, avocados, and dark chocolate are all linked to increased passive fat burning. Changing diet can produce rapid results, to lose arm fat increase whole grain foods, fresh vegetable and fruits, as well as lean protein to help boost the metabolism and increase muscle growth. Making sure the body stays properly hydrated is very important, it allows the body to work harder and burn more fat. 5-6 small meals per day can help keep the metabolism stay engaged longer, and keeps calorie burning processes active all day.

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